Second Acèntyra-Dekàli War

1245 HK – 1248 HK. Second Acèntyra-Dekàli War.


With a whisper from the lips of Ormyrahd Anahnoyhl of Tahrya Anahl, a thousand birds were released from sacred groves carrying messages of war to a thousand lords and kings. Throughout Vulmùra, sails were raised and ships lurched from their harbors to the pounding of drums and the chanting of the greatest Yrūn army ever assembled. Within the year, an Empire that took over 1,200 years to build would crumble. Six centuries after the Fall, historians are still asking questions. Why and how was the Dekàli Empire brought down? What should be done about new Empires rising in the South? and perhaps most importantly: Was the war successful or did the Alliance only manage to create something worse?


The Second Acèntyra-Dekàli War was fought by three independent but coordinated forces, the likes of which had never before been seen in the World of Teréth End. The North Coast Campaign sailed from Vulmùra along the Coast of the Lost and south into the lands of Oð, Taldàna, and northern Kændal. The Tassèri Campaign sailed south from Illyra along the Azàli Peninsula, striking at Æzàlar before rounding the Western coast in search of Jædð. The Heart Campaign sailed for the City of Ildûn, striking at the magical heart of the Empire before striking at Kændal where they were united with the North Coast Campaign armies. The combined forces gathered, assessed, and resupplied before setting-out for Lanàdus and Panæð to deliver the killing blow. There were no plans to invade Ummon or Zyrr for the Alliance believed that the mountain states were both too formidable and peripheral. There was also concern that those states might receive support from the Dwürdèn. Some historians consider the “fifth column” destruction of Viríllis a fourth campaign, though the efforts of that movement were not revealed until many years later.

North Coast Campaign

Heart Campaign

Tassèri Campaign


The Second Acèntyra-Dekàli War spelled the end for the Dekàli Empire. Some Alliance forces occupied conquered states for a time, but all were eventually abandoned. The war’s goal was never to occupy the territories long-term, but rather to dismantle the Empire and its magical infrastructure. These goals were accomplished. Many Dekàli states fragmented into independent child-states, whose wishes to remain separate have extended the war’s effects. Rumors persisted within the conquered territories that the Eylfāe continued to manipulate the conquered states long after the occupations had drawn to a close.