• Kuntòltek. The Axe of the Boor has been handed down among the heroes of the Fiery Isthmus for many centuries. The name of the weapon is borrowed from an ancient storm god of the Boor people. Observers of the weapon guess that it was forged by the Dwürden Mor in the late Third Age. Oddly, there is no history or tradition associated with the weapon that recalls why the axe was created, or given to the Boor people. The sheer scale of the great weapon suggests that it was not forged for use by the Dwürden. At the top end of the weapon’s haft is inset a large deep-blue powerstone (MAGp20). During storms wisps of cloud appear to swirl within the stone. If the axe or stone is struck by a natural bolt of lightning, the axe is energized with 50 points of energy. This energy can be used by a Hero of Boor to produce a number of magical effects: Wrath of Kuntòltek (as MAGp196 Lightning), Shield of Kuntòltek (as MAGp198 Lightning Armor), and Hand of Kuntòltek (as MAGp198 Lightning Weapon). The axe is currently in the possession of Black Tom.
    • Type: Great Axe (BASp274)
    • Maker: (–?–), Dwürdèni construction
    • Quality: Fine steel
    • Advantages: MAGp63 Penetrating Weapon /2; MAGp65 Accuracy +2
    • Disadvantages: MAGp68 Limit can only be readied by Heroes of Boor


  • Nehkrùli Crooked Bow. A bent and twisted bow with a knotted sinew string. This magically enhanced short bow is capable of shooting around blind corners. The Nehkrul Neylfèrahl fashion crooked bows more for novelty than for any other purpose. Battlefield use is limited by the bow’s short range and increasing inaccuracy at long distances. Although any short bow arrow may be fired from a Crooked Bow, the sinew is culled from the left arm-muscles of left-handed Yrūn or Bu-Eylfāe.


  • Grombòrmog. The giant club Grombòrmog is believed to have been fashioned by a race of civilized Ogdar in the early centuries of the Fourth Age. The top of the white seven foot wooden club was carved with the likenesses of screaming faces. The faces howled when the club was swung and bit into the victim when it hit. Long after the Ogdar perished and their monuments were buried by the jungles and volcanic flows, a hero named Goom traveled into the remote region to find the fabled Howling Club. According to the tale he told upon returning to the Orbōmmo tribe, the region was overrun by a race of giant Vardar that had crawled from the molten core of a great volcano. The barbarian warrior killed every last member of the fiery race before descending into the buried ruins of the Ogdar. In the subterranean ruins, he fought and killed a giant stone serpent which held the famed weapon within its rocky coils. Taking the club into his hands, the faces spoke, telling him the story of its creators. Goom however, did not understand their words, for they sounded Ogdàric.
    • Type: Tetsubo1
    • Maker: (–?–), Ogdàri construction
    • Quality: Fine wood
    • Advantages: MAGp65 Puissance +2
    • Disadvantages: BASp112 Nuisance Effect: Noisy +3 (BASp146) when swung
    • Notes: 1 MARp230 Tetsubo; As Tetsubo with ST 18


  • Dagger of Kar Ajmur. A red stone dagger with an intricately carved handle ending in an insect-like head. It looks to be carved from a single piece of stone. The eyes with the pommel are highly-polished milky gray stones. The dagger’s handle is ridged like the coils of a snake. Though the carving on the handle is expert, the blade itself has been knapped in a style reminiscent of primitive arrowheads. The dagger was unearthed in the deserts of Kardàm Marūd in the Dekàli city-state of Æzàlar. The present day location of the blade is unknown, though it is believed to have been used by an underworld boss named Oldō Bloodhand in Thousand Alleys in the 2nd century DR. The blade disappeared after Oldō’s assassination in 177 DR and didn’t resurface until 653 DR beneath the Village of Nyl in ancient Illûwyr.
    • Type: Dagger
    • Maker: (–?–), Yrūn / Zrū construction
    • Quality: Red stone (carved) with polished Narzurem eyes
    • Advantages: Unknown
    • Disadvantages: Unknown (poss. Reddened hands)
    • Notes: The head-pommel moves independently
  • Skarêr. Skarêr (skahr E-ehr) is an ancient Eylfāe blade fashioned from violet Mythrul. Identifiable by its tapered blade, deep purple metal, and pommel of bright blue stone; the weapon was the prized possession of Ilsôryl of Darshyrael, henchman of Ōberyl the Great who commissioned the blade’s manufacture for his trusted servant before their departure from the Waking world. The blade radiates great magic but no light. When drawn from its simple sheath the blade begins to softly hum. After 1d rounds the blade emits loud music as if a grand orchestra were tuning-up. After another 1d rounds the blade booms with the soaring scores of a great concert. In its initial state (drawn) the dagger offers minor bonuses (+1) to hit and to damage. In its secondary state the dagger offers moderate bonuses (+2) to hit and to damage. In its final stage (which exists until sheathed) it offers great bonuses (+3) to hit and to damage, while drawing the attentions of all within the vicinity. When sheathed, the dagger may not be redrawn for 2d turns. While holding the weapon, the bearer is rendered immune to hostile magics and effects of a sonic nature including magics where the power of the spell resides in spoken words (this is different than spells requiring a verbal component). The weapon exists equally in Dream and the Waking world, but suffers naturally if removed to the Ethereal or Nether.


  • Ættràkari Spear of Protection. A sturdy short spear whose spearhead was fashioned by a sect of Pryr Ættràkari in the second century DR. The spears were presented by the sect from 126-210 DR to valorous yeomen who had distinguished themselves in defense of Oðári lands. Some of the spears have been handed down from generation to generation, and remain in the area still. Some have been lost (a fragment of these buried with past heroes) or sold to clear debts or buy land from local lords. Recently (circa 652 DR), a spear dubbed “Punishment” has emerged from Cænden, wielded by Jak the Red. The most remarkable aspect of the spears were their ability to issue a battle chant, that would aid the spear man and his levy in battle.
    • Type: Spear (BASp273)
    • Maker: (–?–)
    • Quality: Fine iron (as Steel)
    • Advantages: MAGp65 Accuracy +1; MAGp64 Defending Weapon +1
    • Disadvantages: Unknown
    • Notes: Enchantments only work in limited circumstances
  • Gut Spear of Gōlax. An evil looking spear with an ornately notched spearhead, the Gut Spear of Gōlax is one of three spears fashioned by the famed weaponmaster of Carámis in the 4th century DR. The gut spears of Carámis are not meant for use by soldiers, but are rather a tool for adventurers, criminals, and rogues. Many towns of Carámis have outlawed the possession of the provocative weapons. The spears are too rare in surrounding regions to have the same cachet that they do in their homeland.
    • Type: Barbed Gut Spear1
    • Maker: Hur Gōlax of Hungurk
    • Quality: Fine iron
    • Advantages: MAGp65 Accuracy +1; MAGp65 Puissance +1
    • Notes: 1 BASp273 Spear; As Spear but throws poorly (x0.5/x1.0); Allows Technique: Twist Spear