Elōdāe Fel


The Elōdāe Fel appear as balls of light which float without direction through the night. Anyone that the wisps come near are usually subjected to their terrible anger in the form of lightning. The Elōdāe Fel are notoriously hard to combat as they are extremely fast and small. To make matters worse, looking into their radiance has a blinding effect that makes targeting them even more difficult. Once an Elōdāe Fel has killed its victim, it continues onward.


Most who have witnessed the power of an enraged Elōdāe Fel, have reported ad nauseam on the devastating electrical attacks generated by the tiny Feyri. These observations however, only tell part of the story. What appears to be a bolt of electricity being projected by the Elōdāe Fel, is actually the reverse. Wisps attack by drawing life energy from their victims, which manifests as an electrical discharge. The more damage the Elōdāe Fel do to their victims, the more empowered they become. Wisps will drain this vital energy from their victims until there is none left to drain.

Elōdāe Fel are limited to the amount of energy they can absorb. Once this limit is reached, the Wisps can draw no more energy and must find a quiet place to rest. This can be difficult for the Wisps because in this glutted state, they can no longer harm their enemies. Additionally, the more energy that the Elōdāe Fel absorb, the brighter they become. This can make it very difficult for them to hide while brimming with energy. On the true full phase of Mamra, all Elōdāe Fel in this glutted state undergo binary fission, becoming two identical wisps.




Elōdāe Fel speak the same language as all Feyri. If different languages and dialects exist within the Shadow Realms, they are unknown to the Waking World.


All Feyri revere their Feyri Ralāe as the progenitors of their kind.