Potters make Ceramic goods for everyday household use. Some guilded potters make larger goods like amphorae for transporting wine and other perishable goods. Other forms of pottery include tile making (e.g., floors, walls, roofs) and the secret art of Kirydian porcelain.


  • Amphora, Small (Amphora): 20-60d (20 qt)
  • Amphora, Large (Amphora): 30-90d (40 qt)
  • Ampule (Ampule): 1/2-1,1/2d (2 fl oz)
  • Ampule, Large (Ampule): 3/4-2,1/4d (4 fl oz)
  • Crock, Small (Crock): 1,1/2-4,1/2d (1 gal)
  • Crock, Medium (Crock): 1,3/4-5,1/4d (2,1/2 gal)
  • Crock, Large (Crock): 7-21d (5 gal)
  • Crock, Very Large (Crock): 12-36d (10 gal)
  • Jug, Small (Jug): 1/2-1,1/2d (2 pt)
  • Jug, Large (Jug): 1-3d (4 pt)
  • Tankard (Tankard): 1/2-1,1/2d (1 pt)
  • Vial: 1/2-1,1/2d (2 oz)
  • Vial, Large: 3/4-2,1/4d (4 oz)