Drāgyr Vereç

The Drāgyr of Vereç is one the fastest growing Circles. Its members are drawn from all strata of the post-Dekàli society. It is the first Circle in known history to actively recruit members.

The tenets of the Drāgyr of Vereç are a balance of styles and teachings, that promise recruits an understanding and mastery of nearly all forms. There is little specialization within the Circle. Another unique aspect is the Circle’s relationship to the Verèçi Cult. The Cult and Circle are so entwined that there it is sometimes unclear whether its members are magicians or priests. This relationship also allows the Circle access to the Cult’s extensive resources. In exchange, the Circle is often called upon to do the Cult’s bidding.

Users of the Vereç teachings probably draw their powers through the hosts of Vereç. The “joining” is believed to be performed by Pryr Vèreç priests.
The symbol of Vereç is a skull, that is sometimes portrayed on fire.


  • Ælàmra
  • Ilûmtrū
  • Inkàðura
  • Noltrū
  • Phlōgòstrū
  • Pyrádrū


The Circle wears red and gold robes. They should not be confused with the Minions of Danok, as the two are enemies of one another.



  • Æzàlar


  • Shape of the Master (mūátra Vīsìktrū etèçra)
  • Kelvym’s Insatiable Issuance (krēádra Phlōgòstrū)

Nomenclature: Verech Dekàlic: Vereç (circle), Veréçi (pertaining to), Veréçyn (member), Veréçyr (members), Veréçic (cant)