City of Bridges

A vast city rises from the plains of the Fertile Coast where the Run Vàlan empties into the Mar Dèkali. One of the oldest cities in northern Teréðor, Kændal is renowned for the numerous stonework bridges that span the great river. The grand bridges are lined with mills, shops, and inns that teem with activity at all hours of the day and night. The city skyline is marked by three keeps (e.g., Kry Kærdàgal) and a temple to Kændlan (i.e., Kyrm Or’Kændlan), for whom the city is named.

The City of Kændal, regardless of riverside, lies within the lordship of Kænygrā.


  • Yrd Prādar. West Shore, as the name implies, stands on the southwest shore of the Run Vàlan.


  • Ðontar Graðor. (Bridge of Towers)
  • Ðontar Kantàra. (Bridge of Flowers) The bridge is named for the carved rosettes that top each pylon of its span.
  • Ðontar Nor. (Grand Bridge)
  • Kry Kærdàgal. (First Keep)
  • Kyrm Or’Kændlan. (High Temple of Kændlan)