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The northern desert of Æzàlar is believed to hide a great many wonders beneath its sands. The area is named for the ancient Kingdom of the Burning Crown, that is believed to have once prospered there. From time to time, large statues and stone roadways are uncovered by the shifting sands, only to be buried again with the shifting winds. The only ruin of past people that refuses to be forgotten is the Colossus of Tazēmsis.

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  • Colossus of Tazēmsis. Half-buried in the coastal sands, a giant statue stares out across the sparkling sea. Though its features have long been worn indistinct, local history contends that this giant construction was once a statue of the Phāéridū Tazēmsis. Locals claim that the statue was constructed by the descendants of Urz I in honor of its eternal servants, the Phāéjin. Mystics seeking to speak with these immortal servants commonly come to this place to summon and consult them. A stone platform between the front “claws” of the statue is said to be littered with the bones of those who displeased or insulted the Phāéjin.
  • Shrine of Damra (Temple of the Blood)