Eylfārehl of the Arctic

In the far northern and southern extremes of the World of Teréð End live an elusive race of Eylfāe known as the Içrāe Eylfārehl. The Içrāe have lived upon the snowy mountains, frozen bays, and iceberg isles since the dawn of Yrūn history (rf. Tukumun). Some among the Eylfāe do not believe they are members of the same race, though it is an opinion of the few.

“Eren 13, We are now two months locked in the ice, our rations scarce, our numbers growing thin. The wind has not stopped in days. The snow surrounds us. Should we lose more men our chances of sailing when the ice breaks will be small. They still surround us. We see their feyri lights on distant floes at night, waiting for our fires to go dark. There are more of them than us, but they keep their distance. I’m beginning to believe that whoever they are, they are sustaining this wind and this snow. There is talk among the crews of grabbing the spears and bows and marching into the frost. The talk is madness, but remaining here is little better.”


Physically similar in size and shape to other Eylfāe, the Içrāe have pure snowy white skin, white hair, and brilliant icy blue or translucent grey eyes. Like the Anàhlāe, they are closely tied to their haladh and able to blend into the snow and ice when motionless.


The Içrāe Eylfārehl move and live in social groups but do not interact in the same manner as other Eylfāe. Except with regard to offspring (not spouses), the arctic Eylfāe seem to have little compassion for their fellow race, particularly in situations where their own safety is in question. The arctic lands where the Içrāe live are very dangerous and each member of the group assumes responsibility for himself. These Eylfārehl are supremely confident but ever-cautious for dangers which surround them.


The Rite of Adulthood is an important step for the Içrāe Eylfārehl of both genders. It is at this time when each member of the community (which are invariably small) presents the young Içrāe with a small crafted gift or food. The rite is not an empty gesture. It is the precise moment when the young Içrāe becomes fully responsible for himself. From that time forward the Içrāe must provide for his own safety, shelter, and feeding. The Eylfārehl is also expected to use his or her gifts to arrange for a Communion (marriage) with another from a different community. Communions traditionally require the male Içrāe to leave his home and travel to another community. Should the Içrāe find a suitable mate, the community elders of the new group must approve the Communion. This approval has as much to do with the availability of resources in that region as it does determining whether the Eylfāe is suitable. Elders may approve a Communion but require the couple to leave, at which point the pair may find another community to accept them (not uncommon in harsh lands where people frequently are killed or lost) or begin a group of their own.


Içrāe have little or no discernible social skills and do not bother talking except to teach. The seldom-used language of the Içrāe is Içàragôl. At all other times the Içrāe use a complex series of hand-signs (Içàragôl-sign) to communicate basic ideas. Içrāe often understand and can speak to local races but rarely to each other. These racial languages often include those of the elemental Jar Jotun and other arctic species.



Içrāe Eylfārehl are appropriate player characters in limited circumstances.


The basic template for Içrāe Eylfārehl characters is 123 CPs. This template includes:


  • Dexterity +1 (BASp15) 20
  • Intelligence +1 (BASp15) 20
  • Appearance: Very Beautiful — (BASp21) 121
  • Damage Resistance: Tough Skin +1 (BASp46) 42
  • Energy Reserve (Haladh) 10 (POWp119) 63
  • Mana Enhancere 1 (BASp68) 404
  • Metabolism Control +2 (BASp68) 95
  • Night Vision +5 (BASp71) 5
  • Reduced Consumption +2 (BASp80) 46
  • Regeneration: Regular (Haladh) — (BASp80) 207
  • Slippery +2 (BASp85) 4
  • Talent (Içrāe Eylfārehl) — (BASp89) 5
  • Temperature Tolerance (Cold) +10 (BASp93) 108
  • Terrain Adaptation (Ice) — (BASp93) 59
  • Unaging — (BASp95) 15

BASp89 Talent (Içrāe Eylfārehl); Includes the skills: Area Knowledge (Region) (BASp176), Bow (BASp182) or Melee/Pole: Spear (BASp208), Meteorology (BASp209), Survival (Arctic) (BASp223) and Tracking (BASp226)
1 BASp21 Appearance: Very Beautiful; 16 pts (Base) +25% (Universal) -50% (Off-the-Shelf Looks) = 12 pts
2 BASp46 Damage Resistance: Tough Skin; 5 pts (Base, 1 Level) +20% (Hardened) -40% (Tough Skin) = 4 pts
3 POWp119 Energy Reserve; 30 pts (Base, 10 Levels) -10% (Abilities Only) -70% (Special Recharge, Regeneration: Fatigue Only, POWp70) = 6 pt
4 BASp68 Mana Enhancer; 50 pts (Base) -20% (Costs 4 FP/Haladh, BASp111) = 40 pts
5 BASp68 Metabolism Control; 10 pts (Base, 2 Levels) -10% (Costs 2 FP/Haladh, BASp111) = 9 pts
6 BASp80 Reduced Consumption; 4 pts (Base, 2 Levels) -5% (Costs 1 FP/Haladh, BASp111) = 4 pts
7 BASp80 Regeneration; 25 pts (Base, Regular) -20% (Accessibility, Only in Sunlight) -0% (Fatigue Only, POWp70) = 20 pts
8 BASp93 Temperature Tolerance; 10 Levels at 10 HT gives the Içrāe Eylfārehl a 155° comfort zone between +55°F and -100°F
9 BASp93 Terrain Adaptation; 5 pts (Base) -5% (Costs 1 FP/Haladh, BASp111) = 5 pts

Total = 179 CPs


  • Dependency: Common (Haladh) — (BASp130) -101
  • Fanaticism (Nature) — (BASp136) -15
  • Vulnerability: Common (Heat/Fire) x2 (BASp161) -30
  • Quirks (Elegant) — (BASp163) -1

1 BASp130 Dependency; -10 pts (Common) * 1 (Monthly) = 10 pts

Total = -45 CPs


A selection from the following template options are appropriate.


  • Clinging: Specific (Ice) — (BASp43) 61
  • Damage Resistance: Tough Skin +2 (BASp56) 62
  • Enhanced Move (Ice/Snow) +1 (BASp52) 123
  • Hard to Subdue +1 (BASp59) 24
  • High Manual Dexterity +2 (BASp59) 10
  • Magery 0 (BASp66) 5
  • Power Investiture (Ice) +1 (BASp77) 10
  • Racial Memory (Nalelehral) — (BASp78) 40
  • Reawakened — (BASp80) 10

These traits are reserved for elder Içrāe Eylfārehl.
1 BASp43 Clinging: Specific; 20 pts (Base) -60% (Specific, Ice) -10% (Costs 2 FP/Haladh, BASp111) = 6 pts
2 BASp46 Damage Resistance: Tough Skin; 10 pts (Base, 2 Levels) +20% (Hardened) -40% (Tough Skin) = 8 pts
3 BASp52 Enhanced Move: Ground; 20 pts (Base, 1 Level) -30% (Accessibility, Only on Ice/Snow) -10% (Costs 2 FP/Haladh, BASp111) = 12 pts
4 BASp59 Hard to Subdue; 2 pts (Base, 1 Level) = 2 pts


  • Fragile: Brittle (Ice) — (BASp136) -15
  • Phobias: Fire — (BASp150) -5

These traits are reserved for elder Içrāe Eylfārehl.

Nomenclature: Ichrae Eylfarehl Dekàlic: Içrāe Eylfārehl (race), Içrāri (pertaining to), Içrāryn (individual), Içrāryr (people)