The First Sphere

The Sphere of Life consists of two bodies, the World of Teréth End and the sun Arzámarádð. Many believe that not only does the sun grant life to the world, but that its light supports life between the worlds. For centuries many have tried to prove this theory by flying toward Arzámarádð. There are a large number of scholars who believe the sun is not a fiery hell, but rather a shimmering gem. The inclusion of Arzámarádð into the Sphere of Life wreaks some havoc with the neatly layered spheres of Zarátam. Because all other planetary bodies lie within the Sphere of Outer Worlds, the innermost planet and asteroid belt appear to carve a swath through the Sphere of Life. Some have argued that these bodies must also exist within the Sphere of Life, and promote the idea that life must exist throughout the sphere.


There is much speculation regarding the nature of Arzámarádð. The Dwürden believe that the sun is a fiery moon. The Eylfāe believe that the sun is a star, much like the thousands of other mileposts scattered throughout the heavens. As usual, the Yrūn viewpoint changes from people to people. Dekàli poetry refers to the sun as a burning Dragul, casualty of ancient battle.

Teréth End