Terlònoç End


A number of Dekàli cosmologists have suggested that the World of Teréth End is a planet surrounded by three moons, which are encircled by a ring of outer worlds, which in turn are enveloped by five spheres of a thousand stars, which form a wall between the mortal realm and the heavens. Sages, philosophers, and theologians have further suggested that beyond the veils of heaven, lies a sixth layer dubbed the Sphere of Creation, from which all things were hewn. This onion-skinned arrangement was named Zarátam by the Erygre of Pæð, after the first apostle Zarav who compiled the Heavenly Wisdoms.

Due to the concatenation of the world’s continents, the idea of a spherical world was established early during Yrūn expansion across its face. This understanding was undoubtedly supported (if not granted) through interactions with the Elder Races. The round-world theory combined with observations of the moons (Mamra and Wōd) and the sun fostered the theory of a continuity of layered spheres among the Dekàlan and earlier civilizations.

The universe is understood to be a series of layered spheres, each with its own purpose (e.g., Sphere of Stars) and place within the heavenly firmament.

With the possible exception of the two largest moons (whose surfaces can be observed with the unaided eye), space is not viewed as a destination to any but the Eylfāe, whose legends recall their arrival to Teréth End aboard hundred sailed ships that crossed the stars.