Snow Ogres

Though they are most common in the cold northern reaches of Lyrast, Teréðor, and Vulmùra, the Ogdàr Jorn sometimes travel south via high mountain ranges and winter months. They prefer to settle in cold environments like mountain peaks, glaciers, or magical micro-climates.


Though not the largest sub-race of Ogdar, average Snow Ogres stand an impressive eleven feet tall. This combined with their massive Ogdar physique, horned skulls, and brilliant blue skin give the Ogdàr Jorn a striking appearance that is difficult to ignore. Male Ogdàr Jorn often have large tusks that jut from the lower jaw.


There is a great deal of variability within the brain of the Ogdàr Jorn, as a species. Most Snow Ogres are as bestial and savage as one would expect of an Ogdar sub-race left to survive the harsh northern environments. A handful of Ogdàr Jorn however, show a startling capacity for learning, reasoning, and adaptation to the wider world. It is these exceptional individuals that most often find their way into the southern, more civilized lands in search of resources and knowledge. Because the more savage members of the sub-race rarely find their way out of the frozen lands, there is misconception among most scholars that all Ogdàr Jorn are as enlightened as these few.


The savage Ogdàr Jorn live a simple nomadic existence. They travel from place to place hunting and fishing for their food. Once these resources are spent, they move on. To maximize the resources available to them, most savage Ogdàr Jorn live in solitude until the mating season when their howling can be heard for miles across the tundra and ice shelves.

The enlightened Ogdàr Jorn also live alone (i.e., without other Ogdar), but seek less extreme climates where food is more plentiful. These Ogdar typically follow mountain ranges or winter storms into more southerly regions. Here they can establish themselves within a comfortable distance of civilized lands in the hopes of making contacts that might stimulate their interests. Members of this select cohort seem to have a penchant for Weaving, though it is not known how they are able to both attune to the Skein and learn its mysteries (i.e., spells) without mentoring.


As with most Ogdar, the Ogdàr Jorn speak variants of Ogdari.


Dagō’an, Dahmō’an, Ganod, Jō’am, Jōgàddah, Mō’ájah, Mōddah, Nō’ágah, Nōgàmad


The Ogdar Jorn worship the regular Ogdàr Gods. Worship among the Ogdàr Jorn is not ritualized. The Ogdàr Jorn offer prayers to “The Walking Gods” in the hope that they will recognize the speaker and not visit woe upon them.


A select number of Ogdar Jorn are accomplished Arcane magicians, the only Ogdar species known to command the warps and wefts of the Skein. According to legend, the first Ogdàr Jorn to master the Arcane magics was the Ice King Ōggàmmad the Merciless.

Although it is not known how the Ogdàr Jorn learn their Weavings, how they record them is readily evident. Ogdàr Jorn magicians etch their spells upon their bodies using an ink concocted from secret ingredients. When the Ogdar magician Weaves a spell, the symbol of that spell glows briefly until the flow of magic has passed completely through the caster’s body. Symbol magic is not unique to the Ogdàr Jorn, but it may give some clue as to the origin of their magics. An unseemly side-effect of the practice is that the hides of Ogdàr Jorn magicians fetch a high price among Arcanists and interested Circles.


Ogdàr Jorn are not appropriate player characters.


The basic template for Ogdàr Jorn characters is 67 CPs. This template includes:


  • Health +2 (BASp15) 20
  • Strength +9 (BASp15) 721
  • Damage Resistance: Tough Skin +2 (BASp46) 62
  • Infravision — (BASp60) 10
  • Penetrating Voice — (BASp101) 1
  • Protected Sense: Infravision — (BASp78) 5
  • Size Modifier +2 (BASp19) 0
  • Talent (Ogdàr Jorn) — (BASp89) 5
  • Teeth: Sharp — (BASp91) 1
  • Temperature Tolerance3 20 (BASp93) 20
  • Terrain Adaptation (Snow) — (BASp93) 5

BASp89 Talent (Ogdàr Jorn); Includes the skills: Area Knowledge (Region) (BASp176), Brawling (BASp182), Fishing (BASp195), Intimidation (BASp202), Melee/Pole: Spear (BASp208), and Survival: Arctic (BASp224)
1 BASp15 Strength; 90 pts (Base) -20% (Size Modifier +2) = 72 pts
2 BASp46 Damage Resistance; 10 pts (Base) -40% (Tough Skin) = 6 pts
3 BASp93 Temperature Tolerance; 0 pts (Base, 55º Range) +20 pts (75º Range, Centered at 15º) = 20 pts

Total = 145 CPs


  • Dexterity -1 (BASp15) -20
  • Appearance: Ugly — (BASp21) -8
  • Odious Racial Habits (Eat Awakened) -3 (BASp21) -15
  • Restricted Diet: Very Common (Fresh Meat) — (BASp151) -10
  • Short Lifespan 1 (BASp154) -10
  • Social Stigma: Monster (Ogdar) — (BASp155) -15


A selection from the following template options are appropriate.


  • Intelligence +4 (BASp15) 80
  • Fearlessness +3 (BASp55) 6
  • Hard to Kill +1 (BASp58) 2
  • High Pain Threshold — (BASp59) 10
  • Magery 2 (BASp66) 25
  • Obscure: Vision (Snowblind) +5 (BASp72) 201
  • Reduced Consumption 2 (BASp80) 4
  • Striker: Large Piercing (Protruding Tusks) — (BASp88) 52
  • Temperature Control: Cold 4 (BASp92) 103

Levels of this trait occur in Ogdàr Jorn with high Intelligence (+4)
These traits are reserved for male Ogdàr Jorn.
1 BASp72 Obscure; 10 pts (Level 5) +50% (Defensive) +50% (Ranged) = 20 pts
2 BASp88 Striker; 6 pts (Large Piercing) -20% (Clumsy, -1) = 5 pts
3 BASp92 Temperature Control; 20 pts (Level 4) -50% (Cold) = 10 pts


  • Bad Temper — (BASp124) -10
  • Bestial — (BASp124) -10
  • Ham-Fisted — (BASp138) -5
  • Intolerance: Race (Içrāe Eylfārehl) — (BASp140) -5
  • Lecherousness — (BASp142) -15
  • Megalomania — (BASp144) -10
  • Selfish — (BASp153) -5
  • Semi-Upright — (BASp153) -5

Nomenclature: Ogdar Jorn Dekàlic: Ogdàr Jorn (subrace), Ogdàri Jorn (pertaining to), Ogdàryn Jorn (individual), Ogdàryr Jorn (people)