Or Kàntrū

Essential Form of Plants

Or Kàntrū is the study of magic and its relationship with non-animal organisms (plants, fungus, etc.). Ancient Eylfāri legends tell of the World Forest, a single multi-part entity of immense magical power that spread across the entirety of Teréth End. According to the Anàhlāe Eylfārehl, it was this magic that pulled and shaped them as separate from the Eylfārehl.

Or Kàntrū is not a widely studied art among the Yrūn, though magicians of that race do surface from time to time. The Eylfāe believe that Mortals have no patience for the art. One of the finest examples of Eylfāri Or Kàntrū exists in the eastern reaches of Vulmùra. There the land is divided by a Great Thorn Barrier fashioned by the Eylfāe to keep the eastern Yrūn out of the Tahrya Anahl.

“Yes, some came this way, / Heavy footsteps blocked the sun, / They groaned and still there lay, / Backs broken in a muddy path, / Our brothers died this day. / Now take this time to hear / The cries of those dying near, / And ask us one more time / If some people passed this way.” – singing reeds along Northwood Road, translated by Adāe



  • Kylzyð’s Shield of Bark (mūátra Or Kàntrū)
  • Sahlàba’s Impaling Thorn (mūátra Or Kàntrū) q.v. Sha’al Alas
  • Vyn Tànâd’s Withering (skarádra Or Kàntrū)


  • Singing Reeds (endàrtra Or Kàntrū)


  • Drūvèrdor. Drūvèrdor are found in ancient forests, usually buried beneath Ages of dried autumn leaves and dirt. Appearing as green oak leaves, the Drūvèrdor are believed to be leaves from the children of Drū Irígrim. Despite their great age, these leaves retain their original color. Once used for Weaving however, their color changes to a fiery red-orange. Finding these green leaves is not an easy task, as the leaves radiate a negligible degree of magic. The Eylfāe use a special breed of dog to find the Drūvèrdor. These leaves are useful for both Krēádra and Or Kàntrū magics.


Nomenclature: Or Kantru Dekàlic: Or Kàntrū (magical form), Kantùri (pertaining to), Kantùryn (specialist), Kantùryr (specialists)