Old Empire, The Dragul Kingdom

Illyri Peninsula and Viríllis

Illyri Peninsula and Viríllis

The Old Empire city-state of Viríllis is only a fraction of its former self. By the year 653 DR, the ancient city-state has been divided into the states of Dirímor, Lōépōnye Nōe, Tarántis, Rallaun, and Viríllis. Throughout the region, evidence of their Dekàli oppressors has been eradicated. In the capital city of Dizmas (now the capital of Dirimor), the Oryskaraz was razed, removed, and converted to swine markets for a number of generations.

Today, the Kingdom of Viríllis serves an important role within the Illyri Peninsula. The kingdom’s military is all that stands between Illyra, Dirímor, and the turbulent Old Kingdoms to the South. There are some that believe that the King of Viríllis still swears fealty to the Kryr Trèmendūm, over 600 years after the fall of the Old Empire. This is unlikely however, as the family line was cleanly severed following the Second Acèntyra-Dekàli War.


  • Type – Illyri Monarchy (Wyrm Crown)
  • Ruler – King Elden Felingar the Third of Viríllis
  • CapitalCity of Mirégil
  • Cities – Pelgirdor (86,200), Mirégil (45,710), Tirris (15,020), Halmir (12,300)
  • Calendar – …
  • Festivals – …


  • PopulationViríllyr (650 DR) 583,540
  • Races – Yrūn 96%, Ōéle 2%, Gnor 1%, other 1%)
  • Ethnicities
  • LanguagesViríllic
  • ReligionsAsh, Skaraz


  • Currency
  • Imports – Textiles, livestock
  • Exports – Ships, copper, salt, wine

Regions, Geographic

Regions, Political

Cities, Towns, and Villages


  • Kirg Agrilla. This is the most distant keep in the kingdom. Those stationed at Kirg Agrilla are thought to be the lowliest soldiers in all Viríllis. Built upon a mountain on the far face of the Valley of Gight, the mammoth stone keep sits behind hundred foot walls and a giant iron gate. The dimensions of the construct are enormous, leading many to believe that it may have once been a Jōtun outpost. Every year, when the reinforcements arrive, their numbers are lessened by those that took their chances in the Valley rather than march to Kirg Agrilla. Though few that return from the distant keep are unbroken by the experience, none that escape into the Valley are ever seen again. For the last 15 years, the keep has been run by one knight, Urgin Kandylr, who inexplicably refuses to relinquish his command.
  • Kirg Anluyr
  • Kirg Gàlir
  • Kirg Rìparis
  • Oryskaraz
  • Valley of Gight. The eastern regions of the kingdom are a frightening place. Illyryr attribute the unwholesome conditions of the Valley of Gight to dark Dekàli magics of centuries past. In truth, the valley was an open sore long before the Old Empire held these lands. Today, the only travelers through this region are soldiers marching to and from the ancient keeps on the eastern border of Viríllis. Forced marches are common along the old roads and the skeletons of many horses lay along the roadsides, pushed to their limits and abandoned. Few stories agree on what it is that haunts these lands. Fewer still are willing to look for a source.



Viríllis is one of the oldest kingdoms in Western Vulmùra. It has taken many shapes over the span of its history. The government of Viríllis has changed five times over the last three thousand years. The present throne belongs to the House of Felingar, the latest of the Illyri lines to be established following the fall of the Old Empire.

Battle of Viríllis

Time Line

The Wurm-Yadar War, 2992-3011 ER

  • -1169 YW, 3/3655 ER; Shrullen tribes settle Viríllis
  • -1157 YW, 3/3667 ER; Kingdom of Viríllis founded, Lordun crowned king

Dirimoran-Viríllian Civil War, 3711-3723 ER

  • -1113 YW, 3/3711 ER; Viríllians revolt, Dirímori tribes draw pact with Dwürden, secede
  • -1101 YW, 3/3723 ER; Kingdom of Dirímor founded, Eldus crowned king
  • -1074 YW, 3/3750 ER; Screaming Coast tribes (Sarg) invade the Peninsula, Viríllis conquered
  • -1072 YW, 3/3752 ER; Dirímori and Dwürdèni armies liberate Viríllis, Sarg retreat
  • -1071 YW, 3/3753 ER; Second Virílli throne established, Naēdan crowned queen

The Sarg-Viríllian War

  • -857 YW, 3/3967 ER; Pact of Sker’d permits Sarg to pass through Valley of Gight

The First Illyri War, 4102-4140 ER

  • -716 YW, 3/4108 ER; Sarg break Pact of Sker’d, sweep through Viríllis
  • -716 YW, 3/4108 ER; Sarg invade Dirímor, push is repelled, Dirimori troops pulled from Illyri front
  • -713 YW, 3/4111 ER; Arádamàri and Sarg forces capture Mirégil, Viríllis conquered
  • -691 YW, 3/4133 ER; Braddàgir offers aid to Dirímor and is recognized, Battle of Viríllis is won (Di, Ta)
  • -691 YW, 3/4133 ER; Third Virílli throne established, Thanir named king
  • -668 YW, 3/4156 ER; Pact of Mirégil establishes Dirimori-Virílli alliance

The Coastal War, 4156-4185 ER

  • -668 YW, 3/4156 ER; Dirimori-Virílli forces invade Screaming Coast, Battle of Sker’d, Sarg are routed
  • -641 YW, 3/4183 ER; Battle of Niibshibbett
  • -639 YW, 3/4185 ER; Sarg King Sadrùmas II captured, brought to Mirégil and beheaded

The Lyrásti Invasions, 4260-4281 ER

  • -563 YW, 3/4261 ER; The Great Invasion sweeps down through the Flaan and into Western Vulmùra
  • -561 YW, 3/4263 ER; Arádamàri King offers Viríllis vast treasures for aid against invaders
  • -561 YW, 3/4263 ER; Virílli army marches to Magard, Battle of Magard (Vi), Battle of Dagrahar (Al/Vi)
  • -559 YW, 3/4265 ER; Illyri-Virílli armies push invaders north, Battle of Maldàmir (Al/Vi)
  • -558 YW, 3/4266 ER; Arádamàri treasures are emptied, setting stage for Second Illyri War

Time of Iron (Yrūn), 4281-6725 ER

The Second Illyri War, 4310-4316 ER

Time of Fire, 4501-4824 ER

  • -323 YW, 3/4501 ER; Wyrmlord Idhàraghàdi the Tyrant claims rule of Yrūni lands throughout Vulmùra and Western Lyrast
  • 0 YW, 3/4824 ER; Wyrmlord is overthrown

The Fourth Age

The Andùl Illyri Empire, 1-873 YW

The Illyri Campaign, 730-748 HK

  • 732 HK, 1290 YW; Dekàli warships arrive at Rallaun
  • 734 HK, 1292 YW; Battle of Ciril (De), Battle of Diráni (Di); Dekàlyr withdraw to Tarántis
  • 736 HK, 1294 YW; Dekàli warships arrive at Dizmas; Battle of Dizmas (De)
  • 738 HK, 1296 YW; Second Battle of Diráni (De); Battle of Fivèndam (De); Battle of Viríllis (De)
  • 744 HK, 1302 YW; Viríllis becomes eleventh city-state of Dekàlas (includes Dirimor, Lōépōnye Nōe, Tarántis, Viríllis)
  • 748 HK, 1306 YW; Virílli High Lord Egdris presents Wyrmmurd to Scarázdralègth (of Samad)

First Acèntyri-Dekàli War, 750-788 HK

  • 750 HK, 1308 YW; High Lord Egdris signs peace with Illyra; attacks Morēun, Battle of Jodun (at Straits of Avyrdaen) (De)
  • 752 HK, 1310 YW; Battle of Lorsurn (De); Battle of Bal’Vìllin (De); Battle of Navàna Nìrim (De), Morēun falls
  • 755 HK, 1313 YW; Battle of Black Forest (Ce)
  • 758 HK, 1316 YW; Second Battle of Black Forest (Ce)
  • 759 HK, 1317 YW; Dekàlyr begin burning of the Black Forest (lasts 3 years)
  • 762 HK, 1320 YW; Battle of Black Illis (Ce/Pa)
  • 765 HK, 1323 YW; Battle of Tylay (De); Celécā falls, becomes colony of Dekàlas
  • 775 HK, 1333 YW; Battle of Drūm Torvor (Dw/Pa)
  • 776 HK, 1334 YW; Dekàlyr land at Telleth (near Widiril); Battle of Telleth (De)
  • 777 HK, 1335 YW; Battle of Dasìrril (near Widìril) (De); Battle of Widìril (De); Dwürden Marches fall
  • 780 HK, 1338 YW; Dekàlyr attacked (from Gordonon), Battle of Kelthùm Mard (Marsh) (Pa)
  • 781 HK, 1339 YW; Battle of Gordònon (De); reclaimed after two weeks Second Battle of Gordònon (Dw/Pa)
  • 784 HK, 1342 YW; Battle of Drūm Krōmodor (Dw); Dekàlyr land at Velet, Battle of Velet (De)
  • 786 HK, 1344 YW; Dekàli expedition into Dirün lost; Second Battle of Velet (Pa)
  • 788 HK, 1346 YW; Paldàri counter-offensive, Battle of the Dwürden Marches (Dw/Pa); Dekàlyr removed from Palda



  • First Virílli House of Egdris (744 HK – 792 HK)
  • First Virílli House of Iríden (794 HK – )
  • First Virílli House of Hærgòrdan


  • First Virílli House of Ghast (1 DR – 315 DR)
  • First Virílli House of Felíngar (316 DR – present)

Nomenclature: Viríllis Dekàlic: Viríllis (place), Virílli (pertaining to), Viríllyn (resident), Viríllyr (people)