Lands of the Nirzil

Tribes of Ziljànir

The Lands of Nirzil were a wide expanse of desert controlled by a confederation of tribes. The Nirzil never established a king or leader to rule them. In times of great need, the tribes would come together at a neutral place and rally whatever resources or military were necessary.


  • Type – Eshi Tribal Confederation
  • Ruler
  • Capital – …
  • Cities – …
  • Calendar – …
  • Festivals – …


  • PopulationNirzìlyr (650 DR)
  • Races – Yrūn
  • Ethnicities
  • Languages
  • Religions – Spirit and Phāéjin worship


  • Currency
  • Imports
  • Exports

Regions, Geographic

Regions, Political

Cities, Towns, and Villages



The Eastern Nirzil prided themselves on being the descendants of the dispersed Ziljànyr. While the Eastern Nirzil worshiped nature spirits, the Eastern tribes worshiped the Phaejin.

Today, Nirzil is a title reserved for those Eshyr who consider themselves independent of the Æzàlari city-state.


Time Line