Children of the Dreaming

The capricious Ejàra can be found throughout Leðúrēa. The Ejàra may not be as common as they appear, though others have suggested that even one per thousand would be too many. Why the beneficent Jargath would leave the curious creatures scattered about the Dreaming is beyond mortal guessing, but they arrive and they stay until whimsy pulls them away. Dubbed by some the “Children of the Dreaming”, the many-hued Ejàra lend a Feyri charm to the Lands of Sūdul. Most inhabitants however chose to keep their distance.

The Ejàra are a Feyri-like race that are probably native to Leðúrēa.


Ejàra appear as childlike Yrūn with Feyri features. Their most distinctive features are long pointed ears which hang outward from their heads and brightly colored hair. It is only possible to mistake these creatures for Yrūn children for a brief time.

There are many theories as to the origin of the pedomorphic Ejàra. Some believe they were once Uren, but have been transformed by the magical currents of the Dreaming over the course of many centuries. Some have conjectured that the Ejàra are hybrids of Yrūn and Jargath. If this theory were correct than it might also be true that Yrūn dreamers might be able to breed with the Dagàri. The theory is so popular that there is a name for this hypothetical union, the Edàga. Thankfully, no Edàga have ever been seen.

The question of Ejàra origins is not made easier by their apparent lack of parents. No young Ejàra have been observed but “new” Ejàra do appear in the population from time to time. As with most subjects in the Leðúrēa, the truth of their origins is clouded and likely never to be known for sure.

Other than their hair and ears, the Ejàra display a range of other features that seem to be tied directly to their magical nature.

  • Pyràjara. Ejàra of Pyrádra are recognizable from their silk-like white hair, usually worn long. Unstereotypical for the race, Pyràjara are relative stoics who mostly concern themselves with the invisible intricacies of the Tapestry rather than simply utilizing their powers like all other sub-species of Ejàra.
  • Taljàra. Noticeable by their bright yellow hair, the golden Ejara of Krēádra are the least commonly found in civilized areas. The nature of their Weaving is often times not welcomed in populated areas, where the art of Krēádra is sometimes seen as disruptive of the fragile Dreaming. Though Taljàran magic is dissimilar, inhabitants of the Leðúrēa are most familiar with creation Weavings that tear at the fabric of Dream.
  • Oryjàra. At first glance, the Ejàra of Orádra may be passed-over as ordinary Uren, but when the third eye is seen beneath the auburn to brown hair, their true nature is inevitably revealed. Oryjàra are quiet but mischievious observers.
  • Sorkèjara. Distinguishable by their light to dark blue hair, the Ejàra of Sorádra are viewed as one of the more undisciplined free-spirits of the Ejàra ilk. Among tales of Ejàra, most mischief seems to trace back to one of this ilk.
  • Skarjàra. Recognizable from their flaming red to orange hair, the Ejàra of Skarádra are considered to be emotional volatile and dangerous, perhaps even reckless when angered. When noticed, most Skarjàra are granted a wide berth. Unless carefully tended, the hair of the Skarjàra stands straight-up.
  • Illùjara. The Ejàra of Ilûm can be identified from their curling violet hair. The most visible representatives of this ilk seem pleasant, if not overtly friendly. For many years, the Ambassador of the Dirapzir was an Illùjara, until he disappeared.
  • Dnurjàra. Perhaps the strangest of the race, are the Ejàra of Or Dnur. The Dnurjàra are recognizable by either their patterned bald heads or raven black hair. Dnurjàra rarely exhibit good social skills, a fact owed mainly to living in fear from skin hunters. This is not to suggest that the Dnurjàra are merely victims. There are no small number of former skin hunters now serving as undead slaves. Details of the Dnurjàra have been kept secret from the Cult of Drāūn by the Sūdulites.
  • Kadàjara. These silver-haired Ejàra seem to be oriented toward Blood Magics. As with all Adepts, Dream or otherwise, mental disintegration (i.e., insanity) seems to be very prevalent within their numbers. Though the subject has not been studied at great length, many sages correlate the awakening of these Blood Magics with the prevalence of mental illness.
  • Mujàra. The green-haired Ejàra of Mūátra are often mistaken for Feyri. The most extroverted of the Ejàra, the gregarious Mujàra can be entertaining company, so long as they don’t go overboard, which they inevitably do. The Mujàra predisposition to shapeshifting makes them very adept at hiding and disguise. Mujàra tend to gain single-use spells devoted to individual forms.
  • Olòjara. The Wild Ejàra are recognizable by their unruly and multi-hued hair. The Olòjara are the only variety of Ejàra that seem unable to use spells. Despite a lack of magical ability, individuals seem to act under the delusion that they are competent Weavers. Mental illness is common among the Olòjara. Once identified, Olòjara are not welcomed into groups or invited into towns and communities. Many have stated that if you know nothing else about the Ejàra, it pays to be able to spot the Olòjara and stay far, far away.


The Ejàra appear to have little or no lifetime of experiences to draw from. This explains some of their childlike curiosity and naïve approach to problem solving. Few, if any, are cynical. Beyond these simple characterizations, much of an Ejàra’s personality seems to be defined by the magic to which each is attuned.


Ejàra have little culture of their own, attaching themselves instead to communities that please them or remote wilderness areas that won’t reject them.


Ejàra speak the local tongue and the language of the Jargath. Most Ejàra would not know what a Jargath is by sight, but have a strange ability to understand their rolling lilting language. Jargath however, know Ejàra by sight and rarely speak of secrets in their presence. No other known Mortal Race can naturally speak the tongue of the Jargath.


Ejàra are creatures of the Weave. Each Ejàra is touched by magic a little differently then its kin. The most conspicuous aspect of their nature is their brightly colored hair. Those familiar with the race can easily determine an individual’s magical association by the color of their hair. The Ejàra have been known to subconsciously dress and accessorize with the same color(s) and patterns.

All Ejàra have Magery 0. The Weaving of magical powers does not require meditation or study, but are available to the innately to the Ejàra. All spells gained by an Ejàra are purchased with the “Limited Use (1 Use Per Day)” limitation (BASp112). Spells gained by the Ejàra are limited to their magical association. Sūdulite descriptions of the Ejàra (which are not recognized within the race) along with their magic forms, colors, powers, and attributes are listed under Physiology.


Ejàra are inappropriate player characters except perhaps in groups comprised of other Ejàra.