City Overview

  • Ruler(s)
  • PopulationTylāryr 16,320 (650 DR)
  • Elevation

Tylā is the capital and largest city of Celésā.



  • College of Tylā
  • Tylāri Academy of Chirurgery. Renown Vulmùri school for anatomists and chirurgeons. Students that graduate from the two year curriculum are regarded as doctors throughout Acèntyra.
  • World Amphitheater. A domed amphitheater which is decorated with the known continents and seas on the interior. The exterior is punctuated with the statues of famous Acènytri explorers. The perimetrical concourse of the amphitheater houses one of the few public museums in all Vulmùra. Artifacts are displayed in niches and on pedestals, collected from across Teréth End. The most famous relic is an elaborate silver urn that was recovered from the distant ruins of Cæjìdarēa. The Emperor’s Urn is believed to hold the remains of an ancient ruler but has never been opened, for fear of unleashing terrible wards. Those with magic sight claim that a six-winged Neðéri guardian crouches atop the urn, watching, waiting.

Nomenclature: Tylay Dekàlic: Tylā (place), Tylāri (pertaining to), Tylāryn (resident), Tylāryr (people), Tylāric (dialect of Celésic)