There is a wide range of crafts that fall within the scope of the Lapidarist. The most basic aspects of the Lapidarist’s art is that of stone tumbling, cabochon cutting, and faceting. In addition to these crafts, the Lapidarist also cuts tesserae for mosaics and works with mineral inlay of wood, metal, and stone. Additionally, some Lapidarist artisans specialize in sculpture using precious materials such as jade. Lastly, Lapidarists often work very closely with Jewelers, when they are not one in the same.

  • Cabochon (Cabochon). Shaping and polishing a stone without faceting.
  • Faceting (Faceting). Cutting a stone to show internally reflected light.
  • Tumbling (Tumbling). Smoothing or polishing a hard substance.


The price ranges for the items listed below are for common occurrences of stone. These prices should be adjusted upward (sometimes by orders of magnitude) when exceptional stones are found.