Frozen North


The northern reaches of Teréðor are one of the more unwelcoming places on the planet. The Frozen North is a wide wilderness of snowy mountains, ice shelves, tundra, and morains, evidence of a period that predates the records of Yrūn-kind. The first Dwürden to explore the region found over-sized ruins of a people they believed to be children to the Jȳar. Today the region is home to a number of races that are suited for the harsh clime, e.g., Jōtun, Içrāe Eylfārehl, Hôrk. Few others visit the region; fewer still stay year-round.

There are few Yrūni settlements in this region and most are seasonal. A few brave adventurers and trappers brave the elements each year, seeking rare furs and minerals found only in the Frozen North. Most of these entrepreneurs travel from the Wild Coast and other western areas. To the East, the Gray Wastes form a barrier that is too formidable for most travelers. To the South, the embattled Highlands are far too dangerous to navigate, as the borders or the warring Yrūn and Ortor shift regularly.

Regions, Geographic

  • Frozen Wastes
  • Nurrùm Valar

Regions, Political

  • Heréd Nor
  • Jōtùnrün

Cities, Towns, and Villages