The Nine Gods

Zultàyi mythology revolves around nine gods, each associated with one of the Great Seas of Teréth End. A Zultàyn’s association with a given god has little to do with their location, though the early Cults are believed to have been tied to geography.

  • Cult of Aryàg Gyū (the nautilus god)
  • Cult of Baryūlalū (goddess of the sunless deep)
  • Cult of Gu (the coral god)
  • Cult of Laryògū (the whale god)
  • Cult of Norū Gulyògalū (goddess of the luminous deep)
  • Cult of Salùralàyula (the squid goddess)
  • Cult of Ulàryalok (the manta god)
  • Cult of Talū Layar (the turtle goddess)
  • Cult of Zultàyan (god of the twilight deep)