Old Kingdoms

Land of Towers

The Old Kingdoms is a region that extends from the Screaming Coast to the Peaks of Ayrys. The title refers to the volatility of this area, which has witnessed the rise and fall of innumerable Yrūni kingdoms, city-states, et al. For centuries, travelers from Andùl Illyra would anchor their boats miles off-shore before entering ports of the Old Kingdoms. Once anchored, small boats would be sent ashore to determine the political climate of the port. Too often, reports were returned telling of civil wars, revolutions, divided cities, upstart kingdoms, or outright anarchy.

Regions, Geographic

  • The Screaming Coast
  • Valley of Gight
  • Vedrà Kuréllus (i.e., Shāyèhlra Bànah)

Regions, Political

Regions, Historical

Cities, Towns, and Villages




The “golden age” of the Old Kingdoms was the establishment of the short-lived Sar Kàntir, a confederacy of five kingdoms. Though the Sar Kàntir was but one short chapter in a long and turbulent tale, it is still remembered as a cornerstone of the Old Kingdoms’ history and culture.