Goddess of the Sunless Deep


  • Titles – Goddess of the Sunless Deep, Dark Mother
  • Influence – Deep Sea, Chasms and Trenches
  • Appearance – Large black amorphous shape with far-reaching tentacles that are sometimes bioluminescent


  • Symbol – Swirling blackness, sometimes punctuated with silver markings
  • Focus – Precious vial of dark liquid; enchanted vials absorb light, lowering surrounding illumination levels
  • Color – Black and Deep Purple
  • Element – Water, Darkness
  • Animal – Monsters from the depths


Dropping deeper, the light grew scarcer by degrees. Beyond the final measure, the shell continued downward, a controlled plummet to an unseen sea floor. Past pilgrims claimed success, but far greater numbers turned back as the blackness removed all earthly bearings. The shell descended in stages, lashed to the end of a thick rope, lowered by gears and the circular efforts of slaves far above. Hours passed. The water within the shell grew thin, and the Zultàyr grew nervous. Bulbous portals looked out into a blind and lightless world where nothing stirred. Except for immortals, what could live this deep? As I asked, the Pryn Baryūlalū pointed through the forward portal. “Look” she hissed. “Behold the Goddess!”

Shapeless Baryūlalū is the oldest mother of the Zultàyi pantheon. Her daughter, Norū Gulyōgalū, presides over the middle regions where the darkness gives way to light. Not much is known about Baryūlalū. In many Zultàyi stories, gods delved into the goddess’ depths to find clutches of eggs left by the secretive Baryūlalū. In a number of these tales, the males were happy to find the unguarded eggs for their mother had a reputation for devouring unworthy spawners.

Little else is revealed about the goddess. She leaves clutches of eggs across the bottom of the sea, which may grow into any number of forms. She guards her eggs against unworthy or threatening foes. She seems completely unaware or unconcerned with the affairs of higher depths. It is unclear from Zultàyi mythology whether Baryūlalū is intelligent or bestial. She is often granted the benefit of intelligence, since her offspring are often endowed with great wisdom and insight. All members of the Zultàyi pantheon, save Aryag Gyū, are children of Baryūlalū.

The Cult


  • The Ancient Mark
  • Circle of Fecundity
  • The Crushing Curse
  • Gift of the Black Sight
  • Pilgrim’s Passage

Nomenclature: Baryūlalū Dekàlic: Baryūlalū (god), Baryūlali (pertaining to), Baryūlalyn (follower), Baryūlalyr (followers), Pryn Baryūlalū (priest), Pryr Baryūlalū (priests)