Neylferahl of the Underearth

Until very recently, the Drûl were unknown to the “mortal” world. This has changed with the rising of Nalthazam in the Snaking Pass. This emergence into the upper world has many worried about the intentions of the evil Eylfāe, including other Eylfāe who fear the Drûl might inflame passions and upset established balances between the Eylfāe and non-Eylfāe races.


Male Drûl Neylfèrahl have an average height of five and half feet and a weight of nearly 130 pounds. Females of the sub-race are slightly taller. Their striking appearance of shiny black skin, white hair, and pale gray or blue eyes conjures fear in the minds of those that look upon them. The Drûl are without question the most vile of the hominid races.

Native to the sunless depths of the Underearth, the Drûl Neylfèrahl have a supernatural vulnerability to the ravishes of sunlight. Minor exposure to daylight causes the Drûl to stiffen and become fatigued. The exposure of a cloudy day can cripple the Neylferahl, gripping them with paralysis. The exposure of a sunny day turns unsuspecting Drûl to stone.


The basic mindset of the Drûl Neylfèrahl is amoral, self-serving, and cruel. Although it is possible for members of the sub-race to exist productively within other cultures, this can only be accomplished by heroic exercises of logic, willpower, and training. Despite their failings, it would be disastrous to underestimate the ability of the Drûl to act in concert. The Drûl are perfectly capable of working together if the reward justifies cooperation. It is the weak-minded of the Drûl that typically get into “trouble” in outside communities.


Drûl society is matriarchal, with females able to achieve higher social rankings than males. Most wizards and priests among the race are female. Though males fill the bulk of the warrior and thieving professions, nearly all serve under female command. This societal structure likely stems from the fact that females are much less common than males within the sub-race. There exists a female-to-male ratio of nearly four to one in most Drûl communities. The numbers might be more unbalanced if not for the murderous nature of the male Drûl.

The society very much embraces the idea of survival of the fittest. The weak perish quickly. There is no equivalent to forgiveness within Drûl “morality”. Deeds done are irrevocable and grudges last for centuries. Drûl believe that it is more pleasurable (and therefore rewarding) to torture and maim than to kill. Drûl prisons are vast, and echo throughout their cavernous domains with the screams and moans of the undying damned.


The Drûl Neylfèrahl speak their own language of Dirēagôl (also known as Druun by those with difficulty pronouncing Eylfāe). Dirēagôl is a complex language that involves hand-gestures and speech. A speaker unable to use his hands (or see the hands of another speaker being used) cannot communicate effectively in Dirēagôl. The language can be used in a limited form using only hand gestures.

The Drûl also speak the languages of the races that live in their proximity. It is not uncommon for Drûl Neylfèrahl to understand and speak the local Undercommon as well as Dwürden Nar, Troglodyte, and other local subterranean tongues.



Drûl Neylfèrahl are appropriate player characters.


The basic template for Drûl Neylfèrahl characters is 125 CPs. This template includes:


  • Dexterity +1 (BASp15) 20
  • Appearance: Beautiful — (BASp21) 51
  • Acute Senses: Hearing +5 (BASp35) 10
  • Dark Vision: Color — (BASp47) 302
  • Energy Reserve (Haladh) 10 (POWp119) 63
  • Mana Enhancer 1 (BASp68) 404
  • Radiation Tolerance (Od) /50 (BASp79) 25
  • Regeneration: Regular (Haladh) — (BASp80) 205
  • Silence +2 (BASp85) 96
  • Talent (Drûl Neylfèrahl) +1 (BASp89) 5
  • Unaging — (BASp95) 15

BASp89 Talent (Drûl Neylfèrahl); Includes the skills: Area Knowledge (Specific Region) (BASp176), Climbing (BASp183), Melee/Sword: Knife (BASp208), Stealth (BASp222), Survival (Underearth) BASp223
1 BASp21 Appearance: Beautiful; 6 pts (Base) +25% (Universal) -50% (Off-the-Shelf Looks) = 5 pts
2 BASp47 Dark Vision; 25 pts (Base) +20% (Color Vision) = 30%
3 POWp119 Energy Reserve; 30 pts (Base, 10 Levels) -10% (Abilities Only) -70% (Special Recharge, Regeneration: Fatigue Only, POWp70) = 6 pts
4 BASp68 Mana Enhancer; 50 pts (Base) -20% (Costs 4 FP/Haladh, BASp111) = 40 pts
5 BASp80 Regeneration; 25 pts (Base, Regular) -20% (Accessibility, Only in Moonlight) -0% (Fatigue Only, POWp70) = 20 pts
6 BASp85 Silence; 10 pts (Base, 2 Levels) -10% (Costs 2 FP/Haladh, BASp111) = 9 pts

Total = 185 CPs


  • Callous — (BASp125) -5
  • Dependency: Common (Haladh) — (BASp130) -101
  • Divine Curse — (BASp132) -201
  • Weakness: Very Common (Sunlight) — (BASp161) -242
  • Quirks (Elegant) — (BASp163) -1

1 BASp132 Divine Curse; rf. Weakness
2 BASp161 Weakness; -20 pts (Base, 1d FP/Minute) * 3 (Very Common, Sunlight) +30% (Damage Modifier: Petrification) -50% (Fatigue Only) -40% (Variable) = -24 pts

Total = -60 CPs


A selection from the following template options are appropriate.


  • Discriminatory Hearing — (BASp49) 141
  • Enhanced Move: Ground (Total Darkness) +1 (BASp52) 142
  • High Manual Dexterity +2 (BASp59) 10
  • Magery 0 (BASp66) 5
  • Power Investiture (Underearth) +1 (BASp77) 10
  • Racial Memory (Nalelehral) — (BASp78) 40
  • Reawakened — (BASp80) 10

These traits are reserved for elder Drûl Neylfèrahl.
1 BASp49 Discriminatory Hearing; 15 pts (Base) -5% (Costs 1 FP/Haladh, BASp111) = 14 pts
2 BASp52 Enhanced Move: Ground; 20 pts (Base, 1 Level) -20% (Accessibility, Only in Total Darkness) -10% (Costs 2 FP/Haladh, BASp111) = 14 pts


  • Bad Sight: Nearsighted — (BASp123) -25
  • Intolerance: Race (Dwürden) — (BASp140) -5
  • Sadism — (BASp152) -15
  • Selfish — (BASp153) -5

Nomenclature: Druul Neylferahl Dekàlic: Drûl Neylfèrahl (race), Drûli (pertaining to), Drûlyn (individual), Drûlyr (people)