Half Eylfāe

Throughout Yrūn history there have been individuals that seemed more or less Uren, with characteristics that suggested an Eylfāe relation. More to the point, there have been cases of Yrūn children raised by one or more Eylfāe parents that exhibited “inherited” qualities and features that were distinctly non-Uren. Inherited features have included longer ears, acute senses, night vision, inhuman beauty, longevity, and haladh ken, to name a few. The easiest explanation has always been that these Halvarel (i.e., Eylfārehl) or Neveren (i.e., Neylferahl) children were products of a forbidden Eylfāe-Yrūn liaison. For countless centuries, the independent testimony of Immortal parents has supported these conclusions. The truth of Bu-Eylfāe births however may be more complicated.


Bu-Eylfāe can commonly pass for Yrūn with slight modifications to their appearance. They can rarely pass for true Eylfāe, as the standards for that race are unambiguous. It is nearly impossible to discern a Bu-Eylfāe’s true nature (i.e., non-Uren) by means of Orádra, as individuals are Uren, despite superficial variations. So what makes a Bu-Eylfāe a Halvarel or Neveren? This question was explored in great depth by the Circle of Arádas in the time of the Old Empire. The sage-wizard Togànuð of Vye wrote:

“After years of studying these families, we have concluded that it is unlikely that any natural liaison between Immortal and Mortal partners may produce viable offspring. It is also unlikely that these families, separated by vast gulfs of time and location, have conspired over the Ages to promulgate this notion that hybrid offspring have been successfully created and raised by these unions. It is the opinion of this council, that ancient, inexplicable, and ubiquitous forces are present that shape the offspring into a rough simulacre of both parents. Furthermore it is viewed as likely, if not necessary, that one or more parents of each union is adoptive, consciously or otherwise.”

The Draywnites did their own experiments on Bu-Eylfāe in the 10th century HK. Their interest in the hybrids stemmed from discoveries that certain Or Dnur magics had little to no effect on these people. After a prolonged and grim study, it was determined that the Bu-Eylfāe had no Mortal spirit (like their Eylfāe ancestry) and were forever barred from the lands of Drāūn. Instead, the spirits of the Bu-Eylfāe remained in the Twilight World after death.



Bu-Eylfāe are typically raised in Yrūn or remote communities. They are considered abominations within most Eylfārehl societies and marked as slaves among the Neylferahl.


The Bu-Eylfāe do not have a racial language.


Bu-Eylfāe never inherit the natural Eylfāe capacity for magic. They are restricted to magic-use in the same manner of their Yrūn ancestry.


Bu-Eylfāe are appropriate player characters.