The Tribes of the Moons appear in many different forms, in all “corners” of the world. Though many believe that their existence is due to a magical disease, this is but a partial truth.

The origin of the Werrid is generally unknown. Reports of the Werrid exist in most cultures and can are documented in the earliest records as living on the outskirts of society. Most maintain that the Werrid are warped by the moons’ magics, a form of magical lunacy which draws their bestial natures forth. Others believe that they are creatures of heavenly places, descended to Teréth End to claim this world as their own.

The Werrid plague has been documented worldwide throughout history. It reportedly can be transmitted by the creatures’ bite. Herbs and medicines sometimes stave off the infection, but more times than not the victim is drawn into horrible episodes of animalistic behavior and in some reports, a vulgar transformation. Though many reports contradict this, the carrier of the disease is not believed to have any effect on what form the victim may take. The bestial nature of the Werrid seems to be an expression of the person’s pre-Werrid personality. Therefore, a Werrid Kendar who transmits the disease may inadvertently create a Werrid Sabral, or Werrid Gul. Werrid-forms are referred to as Tribes. In some Werrid cultures, the decision to create more Werrid is a matter of great seriousness, since it is not in the tribe’s best interests to create Werrid of a rival Tribe.


Most Werrid are sterile, expanding their numbers through the adoption of other species. Those few non-sterile members of the Tribes may sire offspring that are more powerful than the other members. These true Werrid are always sterile, but often elevated to positions of rule over their respective Tribes. Should two true Werrid be produced within a Tribe (an event so rare as to almost not be included here), the Tribe often splits into separate groups, each following one or the other.

With some exceptions, the Werrid seem more attuned to day and night cycles than phases of the moons like many believe. Most Werrid prefer dark and shadowy haunts over those of daylight, because their Werrid-forms exist naturally in that environment. In daylight, the Werrid revert to their original (i.e., pre-adoption) physical state. The moons are thought to have further form-specific effects.

All Werrid have a supernatural sensitivity to silver. Silver weapons do enhanced damage against the Werrid. The reason for this weakness is unknown. The Werrid aversion to silver extends to all incidences of the metal. A Werrid Gul for instance, that finds a pouch of coins, must make Will checks (modified by Greed) while trying to pluck the few gold coins from the silver. Mythrul has a similar effect.

The lifespans of the Werrid vary according to their form.



Werrid society varies greatly between the forms. All of these together are called the Tribes of the Moons. There are suspected to be rare events that can bind the Tribes together to seek common goals. It is also believed that the Tribes maintain communication between themselves, bound by their mutual exclusion from common society.


It is not uncommon for new members of a given Tribe to be given a Name of Rebirth.


Werrid magicians are very rare, existing only in those members that were magicians before their transformation.