Old Empire, The Orphaned Barony

Iron Coast, Ensòret, ca. 653 DR

Iron Coast, Ensòret, ca. 653 DR

The Barony of Ensoret was once part of the Oðàri city-state. Following the Battle of Oð during the Second Acèntyra-Dekàli War, the Lord of Haldòrax retreated to the Isle of Seláðyx where he and his family remained hidden for almost 40 years. Having survived the Old Empire‘s downfall, the Haldòrax line remains the oldest intact dynasty along the Iron Coast. Other nobles that survived the Conquest were found to have had dealings with the invaders during the Occupation. As the treacheries of these nobles were discovered, High Lord Zyan had them executed.

Today, the Barony of Ensòret remains separate from Oð. The Barons of Haldòrax however, remain loyal to the Iron Throne.


  • Type – Dekàli Barony
  • Ruler – Baroness Salðya Dàðáras
  • CapitalCity of Haldòrax
  • CitiesHaldòrax (12,210), Calsòret (5,300), Sorros (4,830), Mordoryst (3,440)
  • CalendarDekàli Reckoning (DR)
  • Festivals


  • PopulationSorénic (650 DR) 55,560
  • Races – (Yrūn 91%, Dwürden 4%, Ōéle 3%, other 2%)
  • Ethnicities
  • LanguagesOld Oðic
  • ReligionsRoð


  • Currency – Wir (0.01d), Kūdom (0.1d), Aurad (1d), Talas (360d), Orm (7200d)
  • Imports
  • Exports

Regions, Geographic

  • Dogre Island
  • Seláðyx Island
  • Strait of Haldòrax

Regions, Political

Cities, Towns, and Villages




Time Line


Nomenclature: Ensoret Dekàlic: Ensòret (place), Ensoréni (pertaining to), Ensorényn (resident), Ensorényr (people), Ensorénic (language)