Drāgyr Arádas

Arádasi magicians were infrequently found in cities of the Old Empire. The Arádas tower in Ildûn is reported to have been built for the sole purpose of the recognition of this ancient order among the other Circles.

The origins of Drāgyr Arádas would eventually came to destroy them. Whether the stories of the origin are true is a separate matter. The Arádas magicians claimed to have learned their arts from the Eylfāe. While the Eylfāe steadfastly denied this, claiming that Mortals could not master their magics; it is also true that the Eylfāe do not recognize the cross-breeds as Eylfāe (though some have showed access to the immortal arts). It was further believed that members of Drāgyr Arádas were of Eylfāri blood.

During the Empire’s decline, rumors circled that Drāgyr Arádas were working with the enemy to orchestrate the Empire’s collapse. In the final years, all members of the school were hunted down and destroyed. It is possible that some survived the Hunting, but unlikely that the school’s libraries and lore could have survived intact. The Eylfāe have never admitted to working with Drāgyr Arádas.

Since no lore remains of Arádas teachings, it is difficult to know the magics wielded by this Circle. Their professed learning of the Eylfāri arts, would lend one to believe their magics were similar. Eylfāri magics were not unknown in the time of the Arádas, so any discrepancy between the two would have been noticed by their peers. Since no remaining Circle records indicate that a disparity between the arts existed, it is assumed that they were similar, if not the same.


  • Barátrū
  • Kadàktrū
  • Mærū
  • Or Kàntrū
  • Pyrádrū
  • Vorádrū


Traditionally, the Arádas wore white and green robes. Though no one symbol can be found that represented this Circle, floral designs and flower wreaths were common in Arádasi iconography. The “eye symbol”, although associated with the group, is one of hundreds of runes found among Arádasi ruins. It’s original meaning and meaning are unknown.



Nomenclature: Aradas Dekàlic: Arádas (circle), Arádasi (pertaining to), Arádasyn (member), Arádasyr (members), Arádasic (cant)