“It must still be there!” he exclaimed. Closing the book, he looked out from his niche to see if anyone might have heard him. No-one stood on the mezzanine balcony and the nearby carrels appeared empty. Turning back to the thumb-marked page he tried to sound the name again but knew as he tried that the word could not voiced by the Yrūni tongue. “There must a speaker,” he muttered to himself. “Someone that could communicate, someone close to the High Lord.” Again he peered from his niche for eavesdroppers and was startled to find a man looming over his shoulder. He was a librarian by appearance only, peering at a list held at arm’s length. He read a list of titles, stopping at the end of each to meet the researcher’s panicked gaze. These were the books that he had requested. At the end of the list, the tall man grinned and commented, “An interesting selection of titles for a Vulmùryn.” The man gulped for air, searching for words that might allay the inquisitor’s suspicions but at the same time realizing that he would never make it home. With a gesture from the inquisitor, guards arrived to drag the foreigner away. As they grabbed his arms he screamed “I know about Katulð…” but whatever he knew was silenced with a bone-crunching mailed fist to the jaw. Before leaving, the inquisitor closed the book and was perplexed to find that it was a volume that included all entries from Wa through Wy.

Pronunciation Key: W (soft w = wand, width)


  • Waltus, Adamar; OOð. Oðic shipbuilder owning shipyards on the Nyr Platan and Argud’s Sound.
  • Waral; Unkn. A little known prestidigitator that made a career out of magic tricks in the streets of Taldàna.
  • Warlen; OOð. A small town to the south of the City of Oð that rests on the edge of the Ghûlwood. A mining town, the population is mostly male, with a few wives, daughters, and professional women throughout. There are many taverns and “hospitalities” along the rutted dirt roads. The large stone ruin of an ancient aqueduct stands outside the town, having once brought fresh water from the Tor’n Evalshat.
  • Waters of Goddon; Oð. An unholy spring that flows in the Theocracy of Danok and is used for baptism of new priests into the Cult. The spring flows from the red clay of Mor Goddon and is believed to have special powers.
  • weavesmithing; Trade. (rf. Weavesmithing)
  • Welcome Keg, The; Oð. An Odoen Noele tavern in Dreg’s Brewery.
  • Well of Storms; Oð. Underground entrance of the Nar Drūden where a river thunders into the dark cavernous underworld.
  • wen; Dek. Four.
  • Werrid; Dek. (rf. Werrid)
  • Weryd; OOð. Any member of the Tribes of the Moons.(rf. Werrid)
  • Wesridge; OOð. Self-proclaimed walled free-town north of the City of Oð atop a V-shaped ridge. Wesridge was once a part of Tavernton until 534 DR when the community erected its wooden walls, and declared themselves “free” from Oð’s rule. The Merchants’ Guild re-established themselves in Wesridge in 536 DR. Each of the town’s three gates are guarded at night. (rf. Gæl, Reine, and Terres)
  • Westgate; Oð. One of five great gates along the ‘s citywall. (rf. Highgate, Northgate, Southgate, and Templegate)
  • Wheel, The; Oð. An ever-present smoky disc that turns above the City of Oð, casting a shadowy pall over the city. The center of the Wheel spins above Kyrm Oryroð, preventing most of the day’s light from reaching the city except in the early morning and late evening. The wheel does not extend far beyond the north and south city walls.
  • White-eye; Oð. ( -652 DR) Female Tanthic Grūmun that accompanied Mishara Mythdaras to the City of Nazhalyr. White-eye was killed fighting kukora on the western slopes of the Kur Nuthali.
  • White Order, The; Oð. A religious Order devoted to cleaning and beautifying neighborhoods and cities, founded in the worship of Amra-Dalàsia (rf. Cult of Nomor).
  • Whitey; Oð. Member of the Thieves’ Tales.
  • Wholes; Oð. Coll. Derogatory reference to those that are not Assembled by those that are.
  • Whuld; OOð. Any canine that has undergone the Ghûl metaphysical metamorphosis.
  • windcharmer; Oð. A bard-priest of Naðal.
  • Winter Song; Oð. A variation of Ōbèryl’s masterpiece work “The Seasons”, when played ending with the winter piece rather than one of the other seasons. (rf. The Winter Song)
  • Wis, Carul; OOð. Jaris businessman who hates his wife and so frequents the Red Cock Tavern as often as possible.
  • wizardmaking; Trade. (rf. Wizardmaking)
  • Wizards’ War, The; Trade. Protracted fourth and fifth century HK war between sirkūlī dragàdir which resulted in the Dekàlan Eshádek (Law of Ten).
  • Wōd; Dek. (rf. Wōd) The second largest (blue) moon, which measures the months, revolving once every 28 days around the world of Teréth End. It is uncertain whether the god is named for the moon, or vice versa.
  • Wōdra; Dek. Secret language shared by followers of Wōd, believed by some to be the original Yrūn tongue. The language has no written form.
  • Woodkeep; Oð. An secret area in the Nar Drūden.
  • Worron; OOð. Agent of The Fat Man with spider-web tattoos across his face. He was killed in Kyrm Oryroð following the assassination of several Temple guards. Worron was wielding the falchion Tyv Tulm when he was killed.
  • Wronghand, Rauln; OPan. A master thief of Panæð who was horribly twisted following a infiltration of a dark temple north of that city. He recently joined forces with Endren of Orynder and is one of Endren’s Seven.
  • Wudun; OOð. Perhaps the most bleak of the Sulsàdter pauper kingdoms.
  • Wurdus; Dek. (rf. The Drowning Man) A harbinger of ill fate.
  • wurl; Dek. Whole; complete. (ant. rf. burd)
  • Wurm; 1. Dek. Barbarian kingdom in the Winterlands of Vulmùra; 2. A small tabby-walled fishing town along the west shore of Argud’s Sound. According to legend, the town was built at the location where a great Dragul was slain by a Ðard in ancient times. An old statue stands in the village square, but its features and name have long since been worn away.
  • Wurmish; Wur. Language of the people of Wurm.
  • Wurthum, Ajandu; OOð. Head of the Lord’s Musicians of Kryr Shùrulm; friend of Kaithah Argentale.
  • Wyrnmor Bal; Murd. Clan of the Dwürden Mor.
  • Wyrthyr Tor; Dek. The mountain of the City of Ummon.