Elemental Form of Dream

Perhaps the most obscure of the Forms is the study of Leðùra. Leðùra is a transitional form. The element of dream is unlike elements found in the Waking World. Found only in Leðúrēa, Leðùra manifests in states that are reminiscent of the other elements. Despite the appearance and properties of these shadow elements, the Form remains the same. This offers a clear advantage to Dreaming elementalists, who only need to concentrate on the one Form. The Leðùra shadow elements are:

  • Leðùra nol
  • Leðùra tereð
  • Leðùra phōlom
  • Leðùra mær
  • Leðùra ilûm
  • Leðùra sorum

The shadow Form of Leðùra does not mirror the essential and thaumaturgic Forms. These Forms are handled normally within Leðúrēa.

Although the Lands of Sūdul are rightfully considered part of the Outside Worlds, travel to and from this region does not always require the usual Inkàðura magics. The Mortal Races gain limited access to the realm by sleeping. The Immortal Races cannot access the Dreaming during sleep. This is as an important division among the Awakened. This is not to say that Leðúrēa cannot be accessed using Inkàðura magics (by all creatures), only that Mortal Races do not require it (for limited access).

The Weaving of non-Krēádra elemental magics require the presence of the target Form; Leðùra is no different. A magician in the Waking World cannot Weave a Leðùra spell if that element is not present. Because of the unique nature of Leðùra however, the shadow element can be drawn into the Waking World through active conduits (i.e. dreaming Mortals). Subjects of this tactic will instinctively resist being used in this manner. There is good reason for this, as the drawing of Leðùra is both painful and potentially damaging (rf. Kadàktrū). The Weaving of krēádra Leðùra spells (of any type) are not possible in the Waking World without an active conduit.



  • Jordun’s Spectral Fire (krēádra Leðùra phōlom)
  • Syllyridið’s Nectar (krēádra Leðùra mær)


  • Closing Dream’s Door (ildra Leðùra)



Nomenclature: Lethura Dekàlic: Leðùra (magical form), Leðùri (pertaining to), Leðùryn (specialist), Leðùryr (specialists)