Old Empire, The Western Colony

Iron Coast, Keshwir ca. 653 DR

Iron Coast, Keshwir ca. 653 DR

The Colony of Keshwir is the largest remaining Acèntyri foothold in Teréðor. While the Governor of Keshwir maintains king-like powers within the land, the colony’s resources are controlled by The Fivèndam League, a powerful consortium of international merchants. The League purchased Keshwir from the Acèntyri war alliance to help contributing countries repay their war debts. Over the last couple centuries, the Old Empire has developed a schizophrenic relationship with Keshwir. The Keshyr are hated for their ties to the Empire’s ancient foe, but their business and access to exotic goods and riches make them welcome in most North Coast ports.


  • Type – League Colonial Governorship
  • Ruler – Governor
  • CapitalCity of Gardìren
  • CitiesGardìren (15,460), Baldàral (6,470), Lirígele (4,910), Miraw (2,330)
  • CalendarYear of the Wurm (YW)
  • Festivals – …


  • PopulationKeshic (650 DR) 78,300
  • Races – (Yrūn 94%, Oélē 3%, Gnor 2%, Other 1%)
  • Ethnicities – Acèntyri
  • Languages – Keshic, Trade
  • Religions – …


  • Currency – …
  • Imports – …
  • Exports – Silver

Regions, Geographic

Regions, Political

Cities, Towns, and Villages

  • City of Gardìren. A vibrant League city, it is no surprise that Gardìren has a Vulmùri ambiance. The city’s walls were erected in the 4th century DR to fend off Ortor raiders descending from the Kalðan Crest.
  • Town of Baldàral
  • Town of Lirígele
  • Town of Miraw


  • Varígan Myrd
  • Xaldàs Myrd



The North Coast rebellions of the 1st and 2nd century DR threw off the shackles of Occupation for most of the lands and kingdoms in the region. Keshwir however had not suffered under the rule of the Acèntyri-Eylfāri government. The Lord of Keshwir, a cousin to King Skarçard of Oð, surrendered the barony to the invading forces without mounting a defense. In exchange for his surrender, the Lord was given a hereditary Governorship of the new colony. This arrangement continues to the present day, though the colony’s ownership has been changed.

Time Line


Nomenclature: Keshwir Dekàlic: Keshwir (place), Keshwìri (pertaining to), Keshwìryn (resident), Keshwìryr (people), Keshic (language)