The Chequered Trickster

Nyd the Trickster (Buffoon) is unique among the aspects of the Dekàli faith, in that she is almost never depicted or referred to in physical form. Nyd is viewed as a spirit that infuses the faithful and inspires them to mischief. Followers of Nyd are an interesting and unpredictable lot, as prone to engaging marks in games of chance (the chances offered are not very good) as they are setting traps and pitfalls for the unwary.

“Nyd rewards those that Zalan smiles upon” is a phrase taken literally by many of her faithful. Those that “survive” the attentions of the tricksters are seen as having been blessed by Nyd, and are no longer treated as marks or targets. In fact, all of the faithful of Nyd have at one time in their past overcome some great test placed upon them by other followers of the faith. This demarcation between targets and blessed is central to the Zalan-Nyd dogma. The faithful believe that it is necessary to repeatedly test the uninitiated to distill the chosen of Nyd from those that are not. Those that are not “chosen” deserve the consequences of their plight, while the those that are “blessed” may seek revelation in the hopes that they join the fold, and in turn test the population for more.

Simple tricks are deemed unworthy of the followers of Zalan-Nyd. Not only should the ruses of the Nyd’s followers have multiple layers, but under normal circumstances the identity of the trickster should never revealed. Such revelations undermine the “test” and the Order’s ability to separate the Awakened from the Dreaming. The aspect “Nyd smiles only upon those with opened-eyes”. Devising new tricks is the eternal challenge put forward by the goddess to her followers, to prove their love and faith.

Within the Zalan-Nyd faith there are many orders. Some orders of Nyd are more cruel than others. Some orders contain many sub-orders which serve specific goals. It is not uncommon for faithful of Nyd to serve more than one order, but keep their membership (or at least station) within any one order secret.

The symbols of Nyd vary from order to order, but most faithful incorporate a black and white checkered pattern into some part of their raiment, whether it be a scarf, a coat, a cloak or hat. This reveals the tricksters to one another, and helps (in most cases) assure that they do not repeatedly expose each other to the Trick (i.e. test one another). A standard checkered pattern is used by most, though some entertainers use a diamond harlequin pattern.

One of the most famous Tests associated with the Order, was the ascension of King Aylzar of Carámis. Though the Order has never admitted having a hand in the affair, the events have all the signs of a Nydàri ruse. The only detraction from this support was the king’s death bed revelation. Some consider his rise to the throne the Test while others feel his rise was mere preparation for the great Reveal. His final confession plunged the Kingdom of Carámis into centuries of upheaval. The kingdom’s instability is believed to further the Dekàli “cause”, making it easier to reacquire should the need ever arise.

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Nomenclature: Nyd Dekàlic: Nyd (aspect), Nydi (pertaining to), Nydyn (follower), Nydyr (followers), Pryn Nyd (priest), Pryr Nyd (priests)