Normally, the Skein is a living, flowing constant of energy. During the full phase of the moon Mamra however, the Tapestry distorts and comes undone. This undoing is called Twisting, and it is a bane to nearly (rf. Blood Magic) all magicians. Once this period is passed, the Skein mends itself and flows normally again. It helps to think of the Skein as a large billowing blanket that encompasses the world. Given the chance, the blanket would likely blow away. The blanket can’t however, because it is anchored to the world at a series of points called Nodes. The Eylfāe call these points lehya. These Nodes are areas of intense magic. It is thought that the magic is so great at these locations that they may be points of “living magic”. During the Twistings, the Nodes work furiously to mend the damage done by Mamra. Some feel that this is just a natural occurrence, like a tide that goes in and out, but others believe that this may be more akin to a “survival instinct”.

Once a month, magic gets more interesting than most arcane Weavers care to admit. On the cusps of Mamra’s full phase (the 1st and 27th of each month), the range for critical successes and failures (rf. MAGp7) are increased by one (3-5, 16-18). On the full phase of Mamra (the 28th of each month), the ranges are increased by two (3-6, 15-18).

For every extra moon (i.e., Wōd or Nūlēun) that is full during these same days, increment the success and failure ranges by one, and add an additional 1d to spell checks. Example: On a given Tolð 27th, Mamra is at the leading cusp of its full phase so the ranges for Weaving success and failure increase to 3-5 and 16-18. Should Wōd also be full on this day, the ranges increase to 3-6 and 15-18+ and the player must roll 4d instead of 3d, with any number above 18 resulting in a critical failure. In the uncommon event that all three moons are full on the same day, the ranges for critical successes and failures become 3-8 and 13-18+, with a Weaving roll of 5d. In summary:

  • Cusp of Mamra: 3d, 3-5 and 16-18
  • Cusp of Mamra, Full Wōd or Full Nūlēun: 4d, 3-6 and 15-18+
  • Cusp of Mamra, Full Wōd, and Full Nūlēun: 5d, 3-7 and 14-18+
  • Full Mamra: 3d, 3-6 and 15-18
  • Full Mamra, Full Wōd or Full Nūlēun: 4d, 3-7 and 14-18+
  • Full Mamra, Full Wōd, and Full Nūlēun: 5d, 3-8 and 13-18+