The Swallower, Harvester of Ghosts

Kyrçul is the dark aspect of Drāūn. It appears as a skeletal apparition clad in heavy black robes, holding a barbed spear, called Thruun (also Thrün, Thruyn). Kyrçul is credited with the taking life from the bodies of the dying. It is believed among the Drāūnites however, that Kyrçul is willing to employ his talents without the guidance of Drāūn. For this reason, there are rituals which priests of Drāūn may employ to stall Kyrçul’s advance until the word of the Æzádyī can be heard and the death known to be just (i.e. the will of Drāūn). Opposing Kyrçhul is not done lightly. It is believed that the Swallower remembers every sleight and repays all discomfiture.

There is a legend that Kyrçul and Īrul-Endon once strode the Teréth End’s ancient kingdoms together, destroying all that they could find. When Drāūn found that the River of the Dead was choked with souls, he summoned Æzádāys to call upon her legions to bring a halt to the rampage. The unarmed Asádyī flew to the ears of the warring legions and whispered lies to the armies, which fell to the ground, believing they were dead. Kyrçul was then brought before Drāūn and punished. Although Drāūn could not punish Īrul-Endon, he refused to collect the souls of those wounded in battle for one hundred years. When mortal soldiers learned of the unending agony that had befallen their comrades and enemies no wars were again fought until the time had passed, angering Īrul.

The Order

The Priesthood

Worshipers of Kyrçul wear black and red, often bearing marks of jawless skulls.

Daily Activities

Holy Days and Rituals

  • Kyrçàdul. The punishment of Kyrçul is called The Burden among its followers. The Rite of Kyrçul (Kyrçàdul) must be performed at every wrongful death attended by Kyrçul or its priests; during which time, the priest shares/borrows the pains and agonies of the final passing with the dying. The pain is sometimes so great that the priest dies too. Every death a priest feels, Kyrçul feels. Priests of Kyrçul may only advance within their Orders through these ordeals, for each is believed to make their members stronger. Each Kyrçàdul requires a HT check. A bonus to this check may be gained by performance/oration explaining to witnesses how the dead lived (i.e. speaking for the dead). Death by Kyrçàdul, is irrevocable; the final contingency of The Burden. A priest who dies as a result of Kyrçàdul is promised a place in the hereafter. If a Kyrçàdul is refused of the dying, the priest falls from favor of Kyrçul and stripped of all benefits and position in the Order thereafter. From this there is no atonement.

Places of Worship