Dwürden of the Burning Land

Arguably the least common of the Dwürden, the Flog are also the most exotic. Living in the deep Underearth near flows of magma, on the mountainsides of volcanoes, and other seismic regions, these Dwürden are infrequently encountered by Uren. Other Dwürdenraces view the Flog with respect.


Dwürden Flog are easily distinguishable by their glossy black skin, fiery hair, and glowing yellow-orange eyes that steam with pale vapors. One of the largest of the Dwürden sub-races, the Flog sometime reach heights of 4,1/2 feet and weights nearing 200 lbs. Their black skin is highly resistant to heat and fire. Their lambent eyes are equally receptive to both the gentle glow of molten rock and the deep shadows of their labyrinthine warrens.

Any flammable material that a Flog holds will eventually smolder and burst into flame. For this reason, these Dwürden are incapable of wearing mundane leathers or working with wooden tools. The touch of a Flog, or that of a heat conducting weapon inflicts additional damage due to heat. The Dwürden Flog’s seeming invulnerability to heat and fire is contrasted by a vulnerability to cold and water. Dwürden Flog cannot live long outside tropical areas or volcanic vents. Damage from cold or water causes violent eruptions of “blood steam” to explode from their bodies.



The Flog are known by their neighbors to be peaceful, but are avoided just the same. They are renowned for their beautiful lava sculptures and structures formed from molten rock.


Nearly all Flog can speak a dialect of Flogwürn. Many Flog understand and speak the trading languages of their neighbors. It is not uncommon for the Flog to trade their artworks with neighboring people. In areas where this takes place, the Flog likely understand and speak the local dialect. The Dwürden Flog are very curious about other races.


Unlike many of their Dwürden kindred, the Flog have magical potential. Although Dwürden Flog cannot master the levels of magic to become successful magicians (i.e., limited to Magery 1), many have been known to develop knacks. Knacks may only be “developed” at the time of character creation, and are limited to: Krēádra, Mūátra, Orádra, Phlōgòstrū, and Teréðrū. The most vulgar magic that Dwürden Flog have been known to weave are the creation of magma golems, used to defend their communities and sacred places. It is assumed that these creations are the result of Channeling rituals.


Dwürden Flog are appropriate player characters.


The basic template for Dwürden Flog characters is 98 CPs. This template includes:


  • Strength +2 (BASp14) 20
  • Health +1 (BASp15) 10
  • Breath-Holding +3 (BASp41) 6
  • Damage Resistance: Limited (Heat/Fire) +16 (BASp46) 481
  • Damage Resistance: Tough Skin +2 (BASp47) 6
  • Extended Lifespan +3 (BASp53) 6
  • Infravision — (BASp60) 10
  • Innate Attack: Burning +2 (BASp61) 132
  • Longevity — (BASp66) 2
  • Protected Sense (Infravision) — (BASp78) 5
  • Talent (Dwürden Flog) — (BASp89) 5
  • Terrain Adaptation (Lava/Magma) — (BASp93) 5
  • Universal Digestion: Matter Eater (Lava/Magma) — (BASp95) 183

BASp89 Talent (Dwürden Flog): Includes the skills: Area Knowledge (Specific Region) (BASp176), Breath Control (BASp182), Climbing (BASp183), Hiking (BASp200), Professional Skill (BASp215), and Survival (Volcanic Regions) (BASp224)
1 BASp46 Damage Resistance: Limited and POWp118 Invulnerability; 80 pts (Base, 16 Levels) -40% (Limited: Heat/Fire) = 48 pts
2 BASp61 Innate Attack: Burning; 10 pts (Base, 1d) +80% (Aura) -20% (Always On) -30% (Melee Attack, Reach C) = 13 pts
3 BASp95 Universal Digestion and POWp86 Matter Eater; 5 pts (Base) +300% (Matter Eater) -50% (Accessibility, Only Igneous Rocks) = 18 pts

Total = 154 CPs


  • Basic Move -1 (BASp17) -5
  • Cold-Blooded — (BASp127) -10
  • No Sense of Smell/Taste — (BASp146) -5
  • Restricted Diet: Very Common (Igneous Rocks) — (BASp151) -10
  • Unusual Biochemistry — (BASp160) -5
  • Weakness (Cold) — (BASp161) -20
  • Quirk: Habits or Expressions (Do not shave beards) — (BASp164) -1

Total = -56 CPs


A selection from the following template options are appropriate.


  • Damage Resistance: Tough Skin +3 (BASp46) 9
  • Detect: Occasional (Lava/Magma) — (BASp48) 51
  • Fearlessness +2 (BASp55) 4
  • Fit: Fit — (BASp55) 5
  • Hard to Kill +1 (BASp58) 2
  • Resistant: Very Common (Poison) +2 (BASp81) 15
  • Temperature Control: Heat +5 (BASp92) 132

Trait is reserved for elder Dwürden Flog
1 BASp48 Detect: Occasional; 10 pts (Base) -50% (Vague) = 5 pts
2 BASp92 Temperature Control: Heat; 25 pts (Base, Level 5) -50% (Heat) = 13 pts


  • Ham-Fisted — (BASp138) -5
  • Restricted Diet: Occasional (Crystal) — (BASp151) -20
  • Stubbornness — (BASp157) -5
  • Quirks: Uncongenial — (BASp165) -1