Having passed the Ormic sentinels that guard the inner entrance, you are led down a series of narrow staircases into the fiery belly of Kyrm Oryroð. Your guide briefly opens a heavy door and you are both blasted by a burst of furnace heat. Hurriedly she closes it offering “The Machine” without elaboration. After a few minutes she reopens the door and you continue swiftly down a dark corridor perforated with glowing vents along the ceiling. Trying to catch a glimpse through the vents reveals only a molten golden light and the rhythmic sound of hammers ringing in the distance. Many corridors, staircases, and unthinking sentinels later you finally emerge into a wide dark space. Your escort leaves you in one of several lines where you wait with scribes, scholars, and priests all standing in reverent quiet below the consuming shadows above. When finally you reach the wide low desk an old librarian asks for your name, pass, and motions for you to sign a long scroll that disappears over the desk’s far edge. Finally the librarian explains that your book is waiting for you in carrel Aralònoa I on the fifth balcony, Zyan transept. After thanking him, you find your way to your seat and open the volume awaiting you. The book however, is not the one you ordered, but instead a volume that includes all entries from Ja through Jz.

Pronunciation Key: J (soft j = jam, gender, jot), JZ (soft jz = Fr. jardin)


  • Jadchrum, Elder (JAYD chruhm); Trade/OOð. An elder follower of Ðurkan the Apprentice who lives and works in a Dolor smithy.
  • Jædð (jaydth) /dʒædθ/; 1. The Dreaming Kingdom (rf. Jædð); 2. Dek. The Dreaming City; 3. –ari Language of the region of Jædð.
  • Jak of Cænden (jayk); Oð. (rf. Jak of Cænden)
  • Jak the Elder (jayk); Oð. 1. A bridge nightwatchman for the Village of Cænden who was killed by thieves near Darshshell. He was head bridge-guard of Cænden between 607-643 DR. 2. Father of Jak the Red.
  • Jak the Red (jayk); Oð./Trade. (rf. Jak of Cænden)
  • Jandanar (jahn DAH nahr); 1. Dek. The enchanted sword of Orynderlord Endren the Brave used to determine guilt and innocence; 2. Jandanar was forged in the early 2nd century DR by the master smith Korollo and the wizard Talggar near the kingdom of Olood in eastern Teréðor. The blade was created for use by the Orynder paladin lord Karrant the Just and was buried with him in 204 DR. Endren’s Seven happened across the hidden tomb in 647 DR and when the sarcophagus opened to Endren’s touch it was determined that the blade had chosen its next owner.
  • Jar En (jahr EN); Dek. Dream spirits that inhabit the Dreamlands of Jædð.
  • Jaris (JAYR his); 1. OOð. A run-down unremarkable neighborhood of Oð’s Naryard; 2. Location of the Cinsarkul.
  • Jarjàða (jahr JAHTH ah); Dek. Queen of Dreams. (rf. Sūdul)
  • Jerm (jehrm); Ogd. An Ogdar elevator-worker at the South Keep whose job it is to unload and load stones to the lift’s counterweight platform. Strangers in the City of Oð often make the mistake of tangling with this monstrous fellow, who is strong even by Ogdar standards. When at his job, Jerm is never far from piles of throwing stones.
  • Johor (JO hohr); OOð. A Kyard magistrate who presided over the trial of Dammon Shroudson at Gibbet Hill in Aldrùan 652.
  • Jorast (JOHR ahst); 1. Oð. An old mining town to the west of Oð and south of Zadàreð Kdar. A remote community nestled in the northern reaches of the Black Hills. The place was a booming mining town in past times, mining iron from the hills and the lower Tor’n Evalshat; 2. Jorast holds the distinction of being home to the precious stone of the same name; a stone deep violet in color with swirls of bright red. Single cut jorasts have been known to sell for 50 talas.
  • Jorron, Aradam (ahr AH dahm JOHR rohn); OOð. K’yard weapons merchant mentioned by Sir Enthor as someone may know something about Daraliens.
  • Juduth (JU duhth); Unkn. Western Teréðori kingdom.
  • julm (juhlm); OJæd. Doom, bane.
  • Junah (JU nah); OOð. Older member of Stard te Caris’s militia.
  • Jurrus (JUHR ruhm); OOð. A Naryard herald who designed Jak of Cænden‘s coat of arms.
  • Jȳar (JY ahr); Murd. An ancient and extinct race of giants that once roamed Teréðor (rf. Jȳar).
  • Jyrik of Yadar; Deceased. (rf. Jyrik of Yadar)
  • Jzar the Mad (JYH zahr); OOð./Trade An infamous sorcerer among the sirkūlī dragàdir, who studied the properties of conjuration in the 11th century HK. During a final “experiment” Jzar disappeared and was never seen again (rf. Jzar the Mad).