Drāgyr Eldrā

The Drāgyr Eldrā first appeared in Oð circa 230 DR. Three wizards approached both the Temple and the Keep to petition settlement within the northern city. Other Circles are believed to have been present in the city at the time, but there is no record of encounter with them. The Lord and High Craftsman granted Allowance and the members set about purchasing land in the city’s Sulyard (rf. Clocktower Square). After some months of inundating the City with foreign silver, a small army of foreign craftsmen arrived at Highgate (an insult to the Kyrm Oryroð), and set to building a stone Hall in the Sulyard. In 257 DR, an earthquake shook the City, and much of the original Hall collapsed and burned. The Hall has been rebuilt three times, and is now an interesting collection of period styles.

The Eldrā seem to concern themselves with wealth and power. Some believe they are associated with the Merchants’ Guild, while others believe the relationship is adversarial. The origin of the Eldrā is also a matter of debate. Their connection to Dekàli custom and language is unmistakable, though no record of their school has been found elsewhere within the Old Empire’s borders. Their success is probably linked elsewhere as their coffers and other resources seem endless.

Aside from wealth and the internal political struggles of this Drāgyr, their main concern seems to revolve around items of magic. The Eldra have proven to be accomplished crafters and binders of magical artifacts and equipment. Some believe that this may have something to do with why the Circle came to Oð in the first place. The priesthood of Roð however, have had nothing to do with the Circle.


  • Kadàktrū
  • Mūátra
  • Pyrádrū
  • Sorádra
  • Teréðrū
  • Vorbìdrū


Eldri magicians wear blue and gray robes. Their symbol is a dead (or winter) tree. In earlier depictions a stream or river circles the roots of the tree. Status among the Eldrā is displayed by their wizard staves. Higher ranking members of the Circle have elegantly carved staves covered with runes and jewels. Lower ranking members bear staves of plain polished wood. An Eldryn who carries a staff unbefitting of his rank within the Circle is usually scorned, punished, and/or stripped of rank. Staff detail is relative however, to the staff of the highest ranking member in a given room. Wizards that carry simple staves throw this order into disarray.



Nomenclature: Eldra Dekàlic: Eldrā (circle), Eldri (pertaining to), Eldryn (member), Eldryr (members), Eldric (cant)