The Waster, Sower of Sickness

Irynil the Crone appears as an old and withered version of the beautiful Valànya. The hag’s pendulous “satchel of seeds” hangs from a bent and bony shoulder. Irynil does not pull seeds from her bag, but instead spills swarms of flies, maggots, and rats. Irynil is the aspect of time passed, old age, putrescence, and plague. She is credited with sowing plagues, droughts, and famines. Thankfully, her followers are few and keep to themselves.

Many believe that the Order of Irynil exists in opposition to the Cult of Kændlan. This is not true. The priesthood has been instructed (and some accept and understand) that Irynil’s diseased and rotting realm are instrumental in the overall cycle of death and rebirth. Although priests of Irynil are rarely welcome in civilized areas, they have at times been summoned to deal with famines, droughts, and plagues. In this capacity, the priests play a dual-role. On the one hand, they believe that these events are part of a necessary part of the cycle of life. On the other hand, they are at times employed to mitigate the damages done by these same forces. At times like these, the priests seek the guidance of Irynil before interrupting her work.

A temple of Kændlan-Irynil is believed to have once stood in the City of Kændal but has long since disappeared. Some priests of Kændlan claim to know where the foundations of the old temple lay, but keep the knowledge secret for fear that it will be used in conjunction with dark arts. Presently, the only “temples” of Irynil exist in monasteries scattered throughout the Fertile Coast.

The Order

The Priesthood

  • High Priestess: Jalgèlya Harjū

Daily Activities

Holy Days and Rituals


Places of Worship

Nomenclature: Irynil Dekàlic: Irynil (aspect), Iryni (pertaining to), Irynyn (follower), Irynyr (followers), Pryn Irynil (priest), Pryr Irynil (priests)