Mar Acentyri

Mar Acèntyri, The Inner Sea

The Mar Acèntyri is comprised of all contiguous water bodies bordered to the west by Ildûn, the Shiráddam Peninsula, and the Paldàri Crescent, to the north by the Celésā and Andùl Illyra Seas, to the east by Dirímor and the Southern Shield, and to the south by the Emerald Cradle and Caphàri Coast of Tassèrus. Despite being bordered by three continents, the sea is most commonly associated with Vulmùra.

Regions, Geographic

The Mar Acèntyri is bordered by the Caphàri Coast of Tassèrus to the south and the southwest coast of Vulmùra to the north. It connects with the Mar Dekàli to the west and the Mar Vùlmuri to the east.

Nomenclature: Acèntyran Sea Dekàlic: Mar Acèntyri (place)