Hill Ogres

Jarum pulled his pitchfork out of the monster’s back, stood back and wiped the sweat from his brow. The cheer had died down as the villagers tended to the wounded and the dead. Two Ogdar had thundered into town and set fire to three homes and the tavern before a defense could be rallied. Soon, an assortment of farmers, laborers, and the blacksmith had cornered the monsters near Pondur’s barn and poked and cut at the beasts until they grew weak from blood-loss. At the smith’s command they had all converged and finished them off with a savagery unbecoming of gentle folk. During the fight, one of the Pondur boys ventured too close. The Ogdar seized him by the head and crushed his skull between his fists. On the other side of the circle Gurd the Storekeeper had also been snatched. Gurd’s screaming could probably be heard in the next village as the second Ogdar tried to pull his leg off. There was a popping sound but the leg wouldn’t give so the monster threw him into a field. All of this was replaying in Jarum’s mind as one of Pondur’s daughters appeared and explained that there was a third Ogdar behind the barn. The men dutifully gathered their tools and weapons once more, and split into two groups, each circling the barn in different direction. On the far side of the barn, men in both groups peeked over the stone fence. There in the grassy field was a strange outline, silhouetted in the moonlight. A lone Ogdàr Fal stood behind a cow, with one arm crooked around the animal’s side, and his hips rocking back and forth at a furious pace. The gathered men laughed quietly as they crossed the low stone fence and closed in on their amorous foe.

Ogdar Fal are the most common and notorious of the Ogdar. They live in otherwise uninhabited highlands where they have relatively easy access to civilized lands. Most Ogdàr Fal would think nothing of walking or running several days to reach prosperous farms or undefended villages.


Ogdar Fal are the standard sub-race that most people envision when they think of the Ogdar. The Ogdàr Fal are large creatures sometimes reaching twelve feet in height. They are as heavily muscled as they are modestly clever. Their skin ranges from a muddy brown color to a grayish tan. Almost all are covered with an abstract array of splotches, sores, and bumps. Hair, when present, is often long black and wiry. Ogdàr Fal do not grow beards or mustaches. Eyebrows and nose hair however tends to be exaggerated. Male Ogdàr Fal often have large tusks that jut from the lower jaw.

Ogdar Phlōg

Long believed to be their own sub-species, the Ogdar Phlōg (i.e., Fire Ogres) are actually Ogdar Fal. Curiously, Ogdar Phlōg appear throughout the world, in nearly all regions where their cousins can be found. They are most commonly found in volcanic regions such as the Cauldrons of Zūlàrah Coast. The Ogdar Phlōg are distinguished by horrid burn-scarring and their penchant for lighting their clothes, hair, or other accessories aflame to intimidate their enemies. Ogdàri hides are thick, so it is not believed that they suffer greatly from these displays. No one knows for sure why similar behavior is found among far-flung Ogdar Fal communities.


The Ogdàr Fal are motivated by basic drives and needs. They hunt when they are hungry. They procreate when the desire strikes them. They sleep when they are tired. Beyond these simple requirements, there is little else to examine. Ogdar Fal that have other interests and desires do exist, but those are exceptional and rare.

Without exception, Ogdàr Fal are cruel to each other and outsiders. Only in circumstances of grave importance do the monsters work together, and even then it is probable that one will take whatever opportunity presents itself to gain advantage over the other(s).


Hill Ogres typically live in caves or in primitive structures atop hills or cliffs. Cave dwelling is not as comfortable as huts and is the usually the resort of Ogdar that are moving through an area or newly arrived. The style and material of constructed shelters vary from region to region. In northern Teréðor Ogdàr Fal shelters are generally conical roofs constructed over pits. in western Tassèrus Ogdàr Fal build domed shelters by clearing out a circle of trees and then lashing the tops of the surrounding ones together into a woven ring. Both the Teréðori and the Tassèri frames are then woven with smaller branches and sticks and plastered with mud, sod, and leaves.

Ogdar Fal live in small family groups that are dominated by an alpha male or female. When children are old enough to hunt on their own they are unsympathetically cast out to find their own way. If the cast-off children settle nearby, the two groups inevitably clash as they compete for resources until one is driven away or is killed. There does not seem to be any meaningful familial ties once a child is cast-off.


As with most Ogdar, the Ogdar Fal speak variants of Ogdari.


Kenshrek, Nrevk, Trogk


The Ogdàr Fal worship the regular Ogdar gods. Worship among the Ogdàr Fal is not ritualized. The Ogdàr Fal offer prayers to “The Walking Gods” in the hope that they will recognize the speaker and not visit woe upon them.


Ogdàr Fal are not known to Weave or Channel magic.


Ogdàr Fal are not appropriate player characters.


The basic template for Ogdàr Fal characters is 6 CPs. This template includes:


  • Strength +10 (BASp15) 801
  • Health +3 (BASp15) 30
  • Size Modifier +2 (BASp19) 0
  • Damage Resistance: Tough Skin +3 (BASp46) 92
  • High Pain Threshold — (BASp59) 10
  • Magic Resistance +2 (BASp67) 4
  • Night Vision +7 (BASp71) 7
  • Penetrating Voice — (BASp101) 1
  • Talent (Ogdàr Fal) — (BASp89) 5
  • Teeth: Sharp — (BASp91) 1
  • Terrain Adaptation (Rocky) — (BASp93) 5

BASp89 Talent (Ogdar Fal); Includes the skills: Area Knowledge (Region) (BASp176), Brawling (BASp182), Climbing (BASp183), Intimidation (BASp202), Melee/Impact: Axe/Mace (BASp208), and Throwing (BASp226)
1 BASp15 Strength; 100 pts (Base) -20% (Size Modifier +2) = 80 pts
2 BASp46 Damage Resistance; 15 pts (Base) -40% (Tough Skin) = 9 pts

Total = 152 CPs


  • Dexterity -1 (BASp15) -20
  • Intelligence -2 (BASp15) -40
  • Appearance: Hideous — (BASp21) -16
  • Odious Racial Habits: Body Odor -2 (BASp22) -10
  • Odious Racial Habits (Eat Awakened) -3 (BASp21) -15
  • Bestial — (BASp124) -10
  • Restricted Diet: Very Common (Fresh Meat) — (BASp151) -10
  • Short Lifespan 1 (BASp154) -10
  • Social Stigma: Monster (Ogdar) — (BASp155) -15

Total = -146 CPs


A selection from the following template options are appropriate.


  • Arm ST +2 (BASp40) 10
  • Fearlessness +3 (BASp55) 6
  • Hard to Kill +2 (BASp58) 4
  • Striker: Large Piercing (Protruding Tusks) — (BASp88) 51

These traits are reserved for male Ogdar Fal.
1 BASp88 Striker; 6 pts (Large Piercing) -20% (Clumsy, -1) = 5 pts


  • Bad Temper — (BASp124) -10
  • Ham-Fisted — (BASp138) -5
  • Hunchback — (BASp139) -10
  • Increased Consumption 1 (BASp139) -10
  • Innumerate — (BASp140) -5
  • Lecherousness — (BASp142) -15
  • Non-Iconographic — (BASp146) -10
  • Selfish — (BASp153) -5
  • Semi-Upright — (BASp153) -5

Nomenclature: Ogdar Fal Dekàlic: Ogdàr Fal (subrace), Ogdàri Fal (pertaining to), Ogdàryn Fal (individual), Ogdàryr Fal (people)