The Divided City

The City of Gidðir straddles the boundary river between Pastar and Kændal.



  • The Stone Ship. One of the most memorable features of Gidðir is a massive stone ship sculpture that dominates the city’s central square. The statue was carved by a Pastàri artist named Cilçis in the 3rd century DR. It depicts, in full-scale, a sailing ship being overwhelmed by fish-men monsters. Upon the deck of the ship stands a heroic Yrūn figure, cutting down the boarding monsters with his sword. The statue commemorates a pre-Dekàli event where the Gidð썍ri hero Ondrynux defended the city against an invasion of fish-men in the 2nd century HK. The invasion had been a regular event up until that time, with the fish-men emerging from the sea and rampaging through the countryside for weeks before returning. The purpose of the invasions is unclear. When seamen spotted the fish-men staging their attacks, Ondrynux and his men boarded a ship and went to meet them. Ondrynux and his ship were overcome, but not before the fish-man leader was beheaded. The Pastàryr claim that the fish men never returned again.