Way of Control

Ildra magic has been compared to cracking eggs with a hammer, it works but there are more elegant means to that end. The earliest spells known to the Mortal Races were probably of this type. Unlike other Ways which seem to exert subtle manipulations of the Skein, Ildra forces magic to follow its laws.

At its heart, Ildra is the Way of control and order. The study of the Ildra is based on the premise that without control, magic is unfettered, aimless, and dangerous. Magicians and scholars of Ildra are often studious magicians, cognizant of the perils that await the careless investigator of the Skein. Whereas some might argue that the life-death cycles of nature are a positive state, the philosophy of Ildra states that eternal cycles of birth and death are pointless, and that nothing will come of such endless cycles. The argument continues that only if Mortals impose order on the Skein, can a positive outcome result.

In some respects, all spells are the result of Ildra. It is the nature of Weaving to exert control over the threads of the Skein to create a desired effect. This transformation of Will into action is a hallmark of the controlling Way. It is not however completely accurate. A magician’s influence on surrounding magics is not necessarily the result of control. Whether by wizardmaking, ordination, or birth, magicians in the World of Teréth End can manipulate magic because they are a part of it. Water that pushes against water does not control the latter for they are both part of the same current. It only becomes a matter of Ildra, when magic is used to precipitate an unnatural outcome, whether by affecting a mundane target or by reshaping the metaphysical.





  • Ildràdel. Nothing appeals to the spirit of Ildra like order. Ildràdel are small stones of negligible composition, that react to Lehya much like lodestones react to magnetism. Skilled magicians may be able to find and follow naturally occurring ildràdel shards to the nearest Lehya nexus. Although ildràdel lose their properties when their natural state is disturbed, the stones are useful to those Weaving Ildra spells. No one is sure why some stones become ildràdel while others do not. Purchasing these shards is a risky endeavor, as once the stones are moved the magic they radiate is barely detectable under direct scrutiny. Detecting ildràdel in the wild is similarly difficult, as they rarely shed more magical radiance than that which surrounds them.