The Skallog are wretched scaled denizens of the Underearth. Among the most widespread and frequently encountered of the Odárad, the Skallog creep and crawl through the horror stories of most Awakened races.

Zelbyða gently probed her ankle. It throbbed painfully and was twisted in a way she was glad she couldn’t see. Above, her brother’s face was gone from the top of the well. It had taken some explaining to get him to go; she hoped he understood the severity of the situation. She hoped he’d be able to find the old well again. She hoped he’d be safe. Some big sister she’d turned out to be. ‘Look after your little brother,’ her mom had said. Teágen had left some time ago. Zelbyða was soaked and shivering, she couldn’t tell whether it was from cold, shock, or fear.

The longer she sat in the shallow water, the more her eyes grew accustomed to the shadows. The area wasn’t as confined as she first imagined. Behind her, a tunnel extended off into darker shadows. At first she wondered if this was an underground stream, but that was before she heard the distant growls and barking, like dogs closing in on prey. The sounds echoed through countless holes and passages, reaching back into the bowels of the land. She had been told the tales since she was Teágen’s age, that the darkest places were home to the Skallog. Teágen had better hurry back with help or the rescue would be too late.

She thought to call for help but decided against it. Whatever lived in the tunnels would probably find her first. Zelbyða curled against the wall stones, stared into the black hole, and waited.


The Skallog are scaled and twisted anthropoids with sharp teeth, claws, powerful legs, and rat-like tails. They appear to be hybrid Yrūn-reptiles with a consistent collection of borrowed features from each. Some may appear more simian that Yrūn; it is unclear whether these are two separate species. Skallog have expressive Yrūn-like eyes with soft skin and residual hair at their lower jaw and fore-neck, armpits, groin, and tail. They have been described as Yrūn in lizard costumes. Their scales are often muted green or gray with eye color ranging from bone white to blue gray. The Skallog dwell in subterranean environments but occasionally venture to the surface during the night.

Omnivores, Skallog eat fungi, molds, and meat when available. Their frailty may be a consequence of their diet and environment.


Skallog are not very intelligent. They are capable of making primitive stone weapons (e.g., knives, axes, clubs, arrows) and tools. Bows are made from treated bone and sinew. The Skallog do not make shelters, preferring instead to sleep in large piles to conserve heat.


Skallog live in tribal communities with exceptional individuals rising to leadership and pan-tribal authority.


Skallic is a primitive language comprised of growls, barks, and other rudimentary sounds. Variants of Skallic are widespread throughout the Underearth. Within underground environments, the Skallog also used a clipped howling argot to communicate over longer distances.


Magic-use has not been observed among the Skallog.


Skallog are not appropriate player characters.


The basic template for Skallog characters is 8 CPs. This template includes:


  • Dexterity +2 (BASp15) 40
  • Claws: Sharp Claws Cutting (BASp42) 5
  • Damage Resistance: Flexible, Partial 2/0 71
  • Dark Vision (BASp47) 25
  • Super Jump 1 (BASp89) 10
  • Teeth: Sharp Teeth Thr-1 Cutting (BASp91) 1

1 BASp47 Damage Resistance: Flexible, Partial; 10 pts (Base, 2 Levels) -20% (Flexible) -10% (Face, Neck, Groin unprotected) = 7

Total = 88 CPs


  • Strength -2 (BASp14) -20
  • Intelligence -2 (BASp15) -40
  • Bad Smell (BASp124) -10
  • Revulsion: Occasional (Sunlight) (BASp151) -5
  • Semi-Upright (BASp153) -5

Total = -80 CPs