First Kændàli Civil War

242-250 HK. First Kændàli Civil War. War between the Crown of Kændal and the merchant militias.




“Erádēna I faithfully executed the High King’s orders and was rewarded by the loss her life and the lives of her family. Unable to publicly fault the High Crown’s decree, the artless Erádēna I sailed for Kryr Trèmendūm to consult with the High King. Embarrassed by her handling of Kændal’s affairs, Saldāyr II made an example of the Queen. She was returned to her embattled homeland at the vanguard of the High King’s navy. She was not met by Kændàli guards, but was instead arrested and escorted by Ummòni soldiers. She was moved to a mountain retreat where she waited powerlessly as the High King settled matters. Her husband, Lord Regent Tærébes remained on the Living Throne fulfilling all orders handed to him by the High King’s agents. When the war was ended, Erádēna and Tærébes were reunited for a ceremony of abdication and then escorted from the palace. Their final fates were decided by the mobs that awaited in the streets Kændal.” – Esrìð the Elder, The Sacrifice of Solūmal

The short-lived Kændàli House of Hāérede was ended. Separatist efforts in Ōlood and Pastar were suppressed. The trade and tax laws for Kændal were amended to appease farmers and merchants. Restrictions were placed on private militias and the militarization of trading guilds. The High Crown established oversight of all major collections and customs houses throughout the Empire.