The Virílli Tales recount the experiences of a band of Dekàli soldiers, abandoned in post-war Viríllis. Escorts for a contingent of Zûn wizards, the soldiers were deserted by the charges they were sworn to protect. With rumors that the Wyrm Throne has fallen, and thearmy in disarray, the soldiers are left on their own in a hostile land. These are the final days of the Second Acèntyri-Dekàli War; the once prosperous city-state is a smoking ruin. Revolutionaries roam the lawless countryside, hunting and executing loyalists in roadside courts. In the cities, the Illyri Houses are once again raising militias to reclaim their ancestral holdings. The story begins on a country road outside the Town of Carthir, where a handful of soldiers decide how best to survive in a changing land and time.


The Virílli Tales have been backburnered for a number of years now. This will likely be an online game using Roll20, Skype, or the like. The only thing holding this up is a bit of planning, logistics, and scheduling.