Sidēa Nāe


The prototypical Feyri that most people are familiar with, are the Sidēa Nāe. These miniature winged sprites flit carelessly about like moths. If all else is quiet, their tiny voices can be heard babbling incomprehensibly in what can only be assumed is a quick and high-pitched dialect of the Feyri language.


The most recognizable feature of the Sidēa Nāe are their colorful butterfly-like wings. The colors of the four-part wings shift according to the mood of the Sidēa Nāe. If they are jealous or angry their wings grow bright red and orange. If they are happy their wings become green and yellow. If they are sad or worried their wings become blue and violet. If the capricious Sidēa Nāe are not reacting to anything in particular, it is not uncommon for their wings to shift through a random assortment of hues.

Most Sidēa Nāe appear to be female, though male faeries have been observed.

The Sidēa Nāe do not seem to have any offensive capabilities except for some minor magics.


The Sidēa Nāe have notoriously short attention-spans and are easily distracted. Their emotions are rarely stable, with a serious demeanor quickly being replaced in quick succession by uproarious laughter, heartrending despair, followed again by calm and patient attention. This emotional cycling can be very difficult for the uninitiated to both comprehend and tolerate. The Sidēa Nāe are most tolerable when in the company of a greater Feyri. In this circumstance, the Sidēa Nāe “tend” to mirror the demeanor of the greater Feyri (though their cycling inevitably continues to some degree). Only due to the influence of other Feyri, can the Sidēa Nāe be directed to useful purpose.

In many ways the Sidēa Nāe have a very alien mindset. They are very high-energy creatures who when controlled, tend to work through problems with great speed and efficiency. When not controlled, they seem to have no purpose or will of their own. Furthermore, Sidēa Nāe seem to place as little value on each others’ lives as the other Feyri place on theirs. The death of a Sidēa Nāe, while initially startling, seems to have no long lasting effect on others of the sub-race. In this matter, the faeries seem to accept the fact that they and their kindred are expendable.


Although there is no recognizable social structure among the Sidēa Nāe, the creatures do have tendency to cluster together. Whether this has some redeeming social value for the Sidēa Nāe, or is simply for the safety of numbers is not clear.


The Sidēa Nāe speak a variation of Feyri that is different enough to be considered its own language to outsiders. Other Feyri seem to understand the Sidēa Nāe dialect without a problem. A Feyri’s understanding of the Sidēa Nāe dialect does not constitute the learning of an additional language.


All Feyri revere their Feyri Ralāe as the progenitors of their kind.


Sidēa Nāe magics have very limited effects. They seem able to affect small creatures (e.g., insects, mice, toads) but have little influence on larger targets. Groups of Sidēa Nāe seem able to perform ritual magic which can have larger effects on bigger targets. Feyri do not seem able to roam far from magic Rings without being in the presence of a greater Feyri. A Sidēa Nāe out on its own quickly succumbs to fatigue due to a lack of Ethereal magics.