Red Ortor

The Bludzrū are an Ortor subrace common to Tassèrus which is closely related to the Murdrū.

Striding through the high grass, Kâr followed the barking of his dogs ahead. Behind him, his sons followed at a distance, holding drawn bows and searching the skies for another. There would be no more this day. Reaching his quarry he kicked the dogs aside and grabbed his arrow. The creature cried out, pleading in some tongue Kâr did not understand. He picked up the arrow and the winged creature screamed, its gut pierced at the arrow’s end. It feebly grasped at the arrow shaft, its small mouth rounded in breathless protest, its small almond eyes rolling back into its head. Kâr waited for his sons to catch-up before turning the arrow and ripping it out.


Bludzrū are physiologically similar to the Murdrū except for two important differences, a) the skin of the Bludzrū has a yellow cast, and b) adult Bludzrū have two rows of teeth. Some claim that the Bludzrū also have long finger claws, but these are not so much specific to the subrace as they are a cultural trait where the fingernails are grown, filed to points, and hardened by a traditional process.



As with other Ortor subraces, Bludzrū communities revolve around the Ort. The Bludzrū however are more nomadic than their cousins. Bludzùri homes and communities are often constructed from timbers and hides which can be dismantled and moved as need arises.






Nomenclature: Bludzru Dekàlic: Bludzrū (race), Bludzàri (pertaining to)