Essential Form of Life

The form of Vorádrū is related to the way of Halra and antithetical to Or Dnùrū. Whereas Halra is the process of healing and growth, Vorádrū is the state of life, health, and nourishment. Vorádrū can apply to all living (i.e., essential) things, and to those elements that support life (e.g., food, nutrients). An argument could be made that Vorádrū is manifested within Barátrū, Or Kàntrū, or Vīsìktrū. The remaining essential form, Kadàktrū (e.g., thought, consciousness), is as ephemeral as Vorádrū and Or Dnùrū.

Vorádrū and Or Dnùrū are two sides of the same coin. One represents the presence of life while the other represents the presence (or process) of death. In almost all its functions, Vorádrū is a passive force. It is the spiritual presence of health and well-being whereas Or Dnùrū represents its decline and failure. Some have suggested that Or Dnùrū is akin to pounding waves, eternally seeking to erode the shoreline. At first glance, this metaphor appears problematic, as it portrays the form of Or Dnùrū as an active force, rather than a state. Delving a little deeper however, one finds that Vorádrū and Or Dnùrū are commonly associated with different Ways. Researchers would be hard-pressed to find a krēádra Or Dnùrū (i.e., create death) spell, but will probably find numerous skarádra Vorátrū (i.e., destroy life). The equations might seem similar but are very distinct. You cannot “create” the absence of something, but you can destroy something that exists.


Most Vorádrū spells are associated with Spirit rather than Arcane magics. The understanding of life lends itself more to religious and spiritual learning. Arcane spells of the Vorádrū form tend toward the artificial or destructive. The creation of automatons for instance, is much more easily accomplished (ethics aside) with Vorádrū magics, than the exhaustive programming of movements via Ælàmra.


  • Karal’s Unwholesome Meal (mūátra Vorádrū )


  • Death Chill (ælàmra Vorádrū )
  • Health’s Bestowal (krēádra Vorádrū )



Nomenclature: Voradru Dekàlic: Vorádrū (magical form), Vorádri (pertaining to), Vorádryn (specialist), Vorádryr (specialists)