To reach this volume, you had to push the ladder along metal tracks down the aisle from the far end of the corridor. This would have been made easier if the librarians had managed to completely extricate the dried remains of the last ascender from the rungs. Instead, you had to climb the creaking ladder in order to rip the locust shell-like remnants of the anonymous researcher from its ancient perch. You stopped only for a moment to consider which of the volumes he had sought before his demise, but then thought better of investigating further. Maneuvering the ladder down it’s squeaking rails, you manage to find the volume you were searching for on a shelf at the vertiginous top of the bowing ladder. While balanced precariously, you peer inside the cover to see that it includes all entries from Æd through Æz.

Pronunciation Key: AY (short æ = ætheling, bat, cat; usage common in Dekàlic)


  • Ædashart Kdar (ay DAH shahrt KEH dahr); OOð. A monastery situated in the western reaches of the Nar Drūden, whose inhabitants were devoted to the teachings and faith of Irul-Rûn. Following the first century DR occupation of the Eylfāe and the subsequent spoiling of their halls at Oðic hands in the search for libraries and treasures unspoiled by the Eylfāe, the kdar’s outlook changed. Where once the Ædashart monks protected Oðic settlers and townspeople, now they clandestinely seek to ruin all chances for imperial reunification and stability within the city-state. Though small in numbers, the monks have had their best successes posing as Minions of Danok, and inciting discord through that already strained relation.
  • Ædwell’s Folly (AYD wehls); Oð. An inn near ‘s Pryard that is remarkable for the fact that it was built around an unmoving, standing iron Sentinel. The proprietor warns his guests that should the Temple ever “call upon the guardian”, it will likely take half of his place of business with him. Three dining tables surround the construct, and can be reserved for one hundred audar a piece.
  • Ænth (aynth); OOð. Small Northfields town above Mor Valeden whose main sources of produce are lumber and lye.
  • Ægàmmarám (ay GAHM mahr ahm); OOð. Mamra.
  • Ældale (ayl DAH la); Dek. A small Oðic tabby-walled fishing town along the west shore of Argud’s Sound.
  • Ældar (AYL dahr); 1. OOð. A large merchant families of the City of Oð; 2. ( -647 DR) A Roðite priest who represented the Temple in the Oðic Merchants’ Guild; once a visible City figure, he disappeared circa 647, and is believed dead.
  • Ældar, Dashara (dah SHAHR ah AYL dahr); OOð. Member of the Ældar family and Oðic Merchants’ Guild.
  • Ældar, Ōlànda (O lawn dah AEL dahr); OOð. Member of the Ældar family and Oðic Merchants’ Guild. Her last known residence was along Harbor Street of the Harbor Ward. Some suspect Ōlànda as having had a hand in the disappearance of Malyn, a Sulyard mercenary in 652 DR.
  • Ældrūan (ayl DRU ahn); 1. Dek. Tenth month of the Dekàlan calendar; 2. The first month of winter.
  • Ælæthla (ayl AETH lah); OTal. An Eldran mage of the City of Oð.
  • Ælbumor (ayl BU mohr); 1. Dek. A large hill in the center of the City of Taldàna upon which rests the Kyrm Or’Amra; 2. Talàdan hill within which the early Lords of Taldàna are believed buried around the Worldly remains of Amra’s first avatar.
  • ælàmra (ayl EHM rah); 1. Dek. Movement, transportation; 2. One of the Nine Ways of magic according to the Dragàlim.
  • Ællis (AYL lihs); OOð. Wesridge gate guard following the death of Reine.
  • Æmadælan, Sulden (SUHL dehn AYM ah DAYL ahn); OOð. ( – DR) Member of the Oðic Eldra who enlisted the aid of Dammon Shroudson and Jak the Red (rf. 16 Lanal 652).
  • Æmezel (AYM eh zehl); 1. Unkn. A small god of Jædð; 2. Goddess of the “fourth” moon. Most people of the World do recognize the existence of a fourth moon. Followers of Æmezel claim that a fourth moon once moved through the night sky, but that it was stolen by the legendary thief Ezjorol. Her followers believe that their prayers will help Æmezel escape and in return for their aid she will deliver them from the World and their troubles.
  • æmythar (ay ME thahr); OOð. A deep, translucent red precious stone often used to defend against magics of the Orykul Way. The stone is mined from ancient Dwürden tunnels beneath the Morén Burdrul.
  • Ændroth of Oð (AYN drohth); OOð. ( – DR) A research mage that resided in the Kreyard of . An avid researcher that is disdainful of adventure, Ændroth is a good teacher which is his only source of income. Although he wants little to do with the Northwood Coven, members of that group do occasionally seek his help. Ændroth accepted Dammon Shroudson as a pupil for a short time in 652 DR, and performed Dammon‘s wizardmaking at Tower Isle. (rf. Ændroth of Oð)
  • Ængan (AYN gaen); Oð. ( – DR) A Kyrm Oryroð acolyte who escorted Alcèrra Nàdrelan and Jak the Red to the Hall of Sorrows on 2 Lanal 652 DR.
  • Ænjon (AYN john); OOð. Kyrm Oryroð historian who helped Jak the Red identify his spear.
  • Ænspar (AYN spahr); OOð. A small town that sits to the northwest of the City of Oð, where the Northwoods meet the Falen Nordrul. Although there is not much of interest in the town itself, farmers have reported finding large quantities of war relics buried in the surrounding fields including: spearheads, broken sword blades, chariot wheels, and arrowheads of both Yrūn and Eylfāe manufacture.
  • Ærdaareka, Adicai (AY dih ki AHR da ahr E kah); Oð. Far-seer of Genter. The prophecies of Ærdaareka were always laced with good and grave news. Those seeking foresight of some good were also told of dire circumstances to come. This is significant due to the Western belief that the more one learns of one’s future, the more narrow the possible outcomes become.
  • Æroán the Hunter (AYR o aen); OIld. An Ildûnan hunter of the dead who answered the “call” of Alcèrra Nàdrelan to purge the City of Oð of its unchecked Undead. A trained warrior of Drāūn.
  • æstar (AYS tahr); Dek. A web or circular net used for fishing.
  • Æstra Ekàðora (AYS trah EHK ae THOHR ah); Dek. Astrological reference work developed by Iri Macar circa 920 HK, though lost between 218-240 DR during the Taldàna-Ezmir War. Pages of the lengthy manuscript have surfaced in the last couple centuries. Although Iri Macar was a priest of Pæð, the pages are most eagerly sought by followers of Sūdul who believe the pages may unlock some ancient mysteries of their god.
  • Æthahda (AYTH ah dah); Kæn. [Festival of Youth] The [Kændlan]] festival of summer. A wide-ranging annual celebration along the Fertile Coast that is host to all manner of athletic, artistic, and culinary tournaments.
  • Æðlaða (AYTH lae thah); OOð. (602- DR) An Eldran magess of the City of Oð. Æðlaða is something of a mystery in her own House. The focus of her magical research these past decades has been to discover a means to enable spell-use by those not born under the Wizards’ Moon. The outrage this has caused among the Eldra has been disproportionate to her successes.
  • Ættràkar the Artificer (AYT trah kahr); Dek. A holy aspect of Roð that appears as a tall emaciated man. Roð-Attrakar is the divine patron of all Dekàlan tinkerers and weapon-smiths.
  • Ættus (AYT tuhs); OOð. ( – DR) Keeper of the Travelers’ Inn in Avahrlyn and well-known collector of Dekàlan war relics, many of which are on display in his establishment.
  • Æva Teréth (AYHV ah TEHR ehth); 1. Dek. New land; reference to the pre-Jædð colony; 2. Dekàlan colony established in 92 HK from Sha’al disputed lands.
  • Æveryn (ayhv EHR ihn); OOð. A Wesridge priest of Roð. Averyn was a blacksmith by trade and well-educated. He brought Alcèrra Nàdrelan to the attention of the priests of Roð after she was arrested for wearing armor in public.
  • Æzádays the Messenger (AYZ ah DA yhs); Dek. (rf. Æzádays the Messenger)
  • Æzádyi (AYZ ah DI-yh); Dek. Eðérim assistants of Æzádays the Messenger.
  • Æzakar, Kazara (KA zahr ah AYZ ah kahr); Oð. Mage of , possibly a member of the Northwood Coven; mentioned by Aanna.
  • Æzàlar (ay ZAH lahr e); Dek. (rf. Æzàlari, City of Æzàlari)
  • æzira (ay ZIHR ah); OJæd. Blood.
  • æzìra jlum (ay ZIHR ah JAH-lum); OJæd. [Bloodbane] A clear insinuative poison milked from a spider native to the Vast Untamed.

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