Ylvàr Var

The Sunken Outlands

The Sleeping Mountains have long provided the Dreamlands with a natural barrier against inland invaders. This mountain range is unbroken except for two passes. In the North, the Forbidden Pass connects Solòris Far with the Zrū stronghold of Biràt Mirkur. In the South, the Falwur Fen connects the Ylvàr Var with the Sha’al infested Vast Untamed. Whereas the Forbidden Pass is lined with the war-torn keeps and fortresses, the southern pass is marked by two signal-keeps and nothing more. Neither the Dekàlyr or the Sha’al found a need to fortify the great swamp Falwur Fen, for it is the nature of that place that few things can pass unscathed.

The only Jædðàri community of any size within Ylvàr Var is the Town of Miríngor, a last chance outpost on the swamp’s edge where travelers may purchase last-minute provisions before embarking into the wilderness.

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