A rocky peninsula separates the Bay of Jarjat from the Peráram Coast. It is within these hills (i.e., Mor’n Bardal) that the goddess Sūdul is believed to have emerged among the cave people that once dwelt within its northern shores. It is unclear when the people of Mor’n Bardal first appeared, though most believe that they existed concurrently with the Sha’al in the years before the establishment of Æva Tereð. It is theorized, that the people may have lived within a primitive colony that was established by the Sha’al for the production of Yrūn slaves. The story continued that a young woman named Shudol, led the escaped slaves deep into the Dreamland jungles, where the group disappeared. And so they would have faded into obscurity if not for the emergence of Te’zanah of the Scrolls.

Today, the cave riddled Mor’n Bardal are considered sacred to the Cult of Sūdul, for any of the primitive dwellings might in fact be the birthplace of the Dreaming Goddess. These are commonly referred to as the “Caves of Ancient Dreamers”.

Cities, Towns, and Villages

  • Town of Çylar
  • Town of Jordog
  • Town of Sëjal
  • Town of Sylàron