North Fields of Oð

The Northfields are a farming belt that extends between Oð’s north wall and the southern edge of the Nar Drūden. The area has been vulnerable to Urdar uprisings due to its large size. The Merchants’ Guild of Oð have refused to send forays into the region since the farmers can not afford their services.

Cities, Towns, and Villages

  • Village of Ænð. A farming village.
  • Village of Denem. A lumber village.
  • Village of Eswerd
  • Village of Farren. A farming village.
  • Village of Jorast. A farming village.
  • Village of Sêreð. A farming village along the Run Merdus.
  • Village of Tavra. A farming village.
  • Village of Trūden. A quiet farming village that sits within a hollow of hills, out-of-sight from the City of Oð. Trūden is a destination for very few, although the Lumber Road passes by on its way from Ænð to Woodkeep.
  • Village of Valéden. A farming village along the Run Merdus.
  • Village of Woodkeep. A lumber village.


  • Cottage of Eshra Mōdera. Now an abandoned farmhouse near Sullet’s Square, the cottage was once home to an old witch that brought poor harvests to the surrounding farms. The poor yields surrounding this house drove many farmers out of business. Although the house is now vacant and the witch long gone, the house and land are considered cursed by the locals. The land was most recently purchased by Joçim Fælō, who did not believe in the curse. The bachelor farmer’s luck has served him well, so far.
  • Hanging Tree. A high and wide tree north of Sullet’s Square used for local hangings. Recent executions (as of 652 DR) included Egren the Bad, Yala Sturn, Eshra Mōdera, and the alleged wizard Jacànt Medèra. Some consider the area around the tree to be haunted but all consider the place bad luck. Locals do not look at the tree when they are passing by for fear that a ghost will enter through their eyes.
  • Three-Stone Spring. A small spring bubbled from the ground between three large stones near the hilltop behind Joçim’s sod house. The spring welled in a small natural culvert before spilling into a small stream that wound its way into the Mothsmire marsh. A small cave once opened near the spring, but it was walled closed with brick and mortar years ago. Joçim had no wish to remove the bricks and the locals did not remember why the cave was sealed.